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Peacock Bass Fishing Primer

Learn to Catch Amazon Peacock Bass
A How-to Guide of Tactics, Tips & Techniques

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Peacock Bass Fishing Strategy

We've all heard the expression that "five percent of the fishermen catch ninety-five percent of the fish", and for the most part, it's valid. Why? This is a two-part answer. The first part of the answer lies in knowledge. Fishermen have experimented and evolved specialized fishing techniques for as long as humans have known how to use a bent bone and a length of sinew. Each species has its own characteristics, ways of feeding and places it frequents. Trout techniques usually don't work for largemouth bass and bass techniques will probably never catch carp. It's important that anglers learn as much as they can about the specific fish they are pursuing and the ways other fishermen have developed to catch them. Don't hesitate to improve on tried and true methods and don't hesitate to try new things, but save yourself the unproductive chore of trying to start from scratch. Use what people have already learned. In fishing, "knowledge is power"!

trophy peacock bass
A Trophy Peacock Bass

The second part of the answer is based on numbers. Fishing success depends on the interaction of a variety of different probabilities and numerical factors. The more time your lure is in the water and in front of fish, the more likely you are to catch them. The more productive a lure used for a specific circumstance, the greater the probability of a hookup. The greater the number of effective techniques you use, the more likely you are to entice a strike. All of these factors interact with each other multiplying (or dividing) your chances for success. Optimizing the numerical factors lets you win at the "numbers game".

The information and guidelines offered here are designed to give you the resources to be part of the five percent catching the fish. They are the result of over two decades of peacock bass fishing experience, nearly 10,000 happy and successful anglers and endless experimentation and tweaking. They are by no means the only ways to succeed nor are they meant to negate methods others have used to find success. But they do work and they will give you the knowledge base to begin succeeding with peacock bass in Amazonia.

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