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Peacock Bass Fishing Primer

Learn to Catch Amazon Peacock Bass
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When to Catch Them

Peacock Bass Calendar

The key to successfully fishing for peacock bass is to be in the right place at the right time. Peacock fishing is simply at its best in dropping water conditions. Everything we do is designed to enable us to effectively access peacock bass waters as they drop. Thankfully, the Amazon has a reasonably consistent seasonal progression of water levels that allows us to predict fairly well, where we'll be fishing and when. But, even though we can make complicated schedules, Nature still has the power to trump any human plans. So we stay mobile. Why? In the face of falling and rising waters, bureaucratic unpredictability and the demands of a mighty, untamed river system, our best strategy will always be to stay flexible and be prepared to move even faster than the changing waters.

Rio Madeira Basin: Draining from the south of the Amazon main stem, the Rio Madeira basin experiences dropping water earlier than the northern regions. Our Igapo Acu fishery comes into its own from August through October. Acute Angling operates in this highly productive fishery using the Blackwater Explorer yacht. See our Rio Madeira basin schedule here; Fall Igapo Acu yacht trips.

peacock bass early calendar

Rio Negro Basin: The Rio Negro basin is so vast and is fed by tributaries draining from so many directions that there is good fishing somewhere in the system from late September through March. For this reason, we stay highly mobile throughout this period, ensuring that we can access these optimal fishing conditions at all times. See our available Rio Negro basin yacht schedule here; Blackwater Explorer yacht trips. See our available Rio Negro basin floating bungalow schedule here; Floating Bungalow trips.

peacock bass fishing calendar

Rio Branco Basin: This highly productive fishery generally comes into its own later in the season and can be productive through March before the rains come in April. Our mobility allows us to take advantage of this region when weather conditions call for it.

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