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Peacock Bass Jig Guide

A Guide to Fishing with the Peacock Jig

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Peacock Jig Colors

Peacock Bass Rattle Jig
Peacock Bass Rattle Jig
Red-Yellow peacock bass jig
The most productive all-around color pattern and our most popular choice. The red - yellow pattern works in almost all water conditions and is recommended as the anglers first choice when entering new waters. This is the go-to coloration for peacock bass anglers.
Red-White peacock bass jig
The red-white peacock rattle jig is our second most popular pattern. It can provide a slight visibility advantage when water is murky or in extremely heavily stained waters.
Black-White peacock bass jig
A specialized pattern, black-white is most productive in rocky, fast-water locales. As a bonus, its a great payara catcher.
Olive-Green peacock bass jig
The most subtle of the standard PRJ patterns, olive-white or green-white excels in extra-clear water with especially high visibility. It's natural coloration assures ready acceptance by fish.

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