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Peacock Bass Jig Guide

A Guide to Fishing with the Peacock Jig

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Peacock Bass Rattle Jig Features

Extra Wide-gap Hook bony peacock bass lipsBig peacocks have a heavy, thick jawbone. The wide gap in the peacock rattle jig's hook allows it to pass around the jawbone so that it encounters softer tissue, not impenetrable hard bone. With a hookset wrapped around its jawbone, the fish's fighting force is applied at the resistant curve of the hook, so that your adversary is unable to apply pressure to the less resistant point or straight shank and thus straighten the hook
Extra Strong 6/0 Mustad Hook Extra-strong hook for peacock bassPeacocks are brutal fighters. Their extraordinary power crushes and straightens hooks like so much tinsel. The Peacock Rattle Jig is built around a high-quality, super-strong 4X hook, to ensure that your trophy doesn't escape by turning your bait into a pretzel
Extra-long Bucktail Material bucktail for peacock bass jigBucktail is unique among tying materials in its ability to provide life-like motion. Its hollow hairs naturally float and lend a pulsing motion to a properly fished Peacock Rattle Jig. Its natural flex and springiness can't be duplicated by cheaper synthetics. Sidewinder’s jigs are made with more expensive extra-long bucktail
Flexible Pulsing tail Flexible tail of peacock bass jigMounted with springy monofilament, the peacock rattle jig's extended tail flexes and moves naturally. Its bucktail fibers allow it to pulse with the angler's ripping motion, adding even more enticing, appetizing action.
Extended profile Peacock bass rattle jigEven the largest deer tails have a limit to the length of their hairs. A simple garden-variety jig is typically limited to about a four inch profile. By adding the Peacock Rattle Jig's unique tail, the lure's profile is extended to over 7 inches, providing a more visible, more appetizing stimulus to large peacock bass. The old adage that big baits catch big fish works very well with trophy peacocks.
Contrasting Color Pattern contrasting colors of peacock bass jigThe Peacock Rattle Jig swims with the hook pointing upward when ripped quickly through the water. Just like a natural baitfish, its contrasting colors are arrayed with the darker shade above and the lighter shade below.
Flashing sides flashing jig sidesBaitfish live and die by the effectiveness of their camouflage. To take best advantage of the natural physics of light in water, they are shiny only on their sides and not on the top or bottom of their bodies. The Peacock Rattle Jig has brilliant flash on its sides, arrayed just like a natural bait, yet highly visible when in motion.
Hidden rattle rattleTied directly to the shank of the extra-strong hook, the Peacock Rattle Jig is armed with a noisy, clacking rattle. Virtually indestrucible (plastic - not glass), the rattle provides extra dimensions of sensory output to attract hungry peacocks and makes the peacock rattle jig more effective in murky water than almost any other subsurface lure.
Durability permanently glued jig headThe peacock rattle jig is tied with an eye toward durability. Peacocks strike hard, so these jigs are made to last. All components are mechanically anchored and copious amounts of permanent glue are used at every step of the tying process. Although nothing will make it piranha proof, this jig will hold up to the worst a peacock can dish out.

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