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Peacock Bass Jig Guide

A Guide to Fishing with the Peacock Jig

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Peacock Jig Overview

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The Peacock Bass Rattle Jig Catches
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Characteristics - The peacock rattle jig is unquestionably the most productive, and among the easiest of all lures to use to catch peacock bass. This light-weight, streamlined lure is unique in several ways. It's unique in its configuration and appearance. Unlike conventional jigs, it uses a darter style, half ounce head and an extra wide-gap hook. With its extended tail, the peacock rattle jig is tied with contrasting colored bucktail. It's also unique in the way it's fished. This jig is not jigged at all - it's stripped through the water with rapidly accelerating pulses and at relatively high speed.

Because it is fished rapidly, it not only doesn't bounce off the bottom like conventional jigs do, it rarely drops more than several feet below the surface. The peacock bass angler uses this jig as though it were a streamer fly, ripping it through the water a foot or two at a time. Its light, half ounce weight, allows the fisherman to keep the jig moving and off the bottom, while the stripping motion causes the bucktail to pulsate with each rip. The peacock bass rattle jig works best with a medium-light spinning outfit and 30 pound test braided line. The light weight rig will allow you to cast it very accurately in cover and very far in open water. Use it to probe among fallen timber in lagoons, casting parallel to trunks and branches and retrieving it quickly, right through where the fish find cover. Cast it over sand banks and saddles at lagoon mouths and inlets, ripping it rapidly from deep water to shallow and back again. Probe fast water, rocks and eddies in the river itself. In all of these applications, peacocks will readily pound these baits. Remember, its the speed of the acceleration between rips that triggers the strike, not the overall speed of the retrieve. The faster you accelerate them, the harder they hit them.

Jigs of all kinds are among the most effective of clear water lures. Unfortunately, when fishing peacock bass, black water is the normal mileau. A regular, garden variety jig can, therefore, be almost ineffective here. A conventional jig is primarily a sight lure. If the fish don't see them well, they just won't hit them. Sidewinder's Peacock Bass Rattle Jig is not a conventional jig. As its name implies, it's equipped with a hidden rattle, attracting attention and evoking the underwater effect of baitfish gills working, a sound dear to the heart of a hungry hunting predator. By adding sound and vibration to the jig’s appetizing appearance and motion, the peacock rattle jig overcomes the limitations of conventional jigs and multiplies its chances to be sensed by the ever-aggressive peacock bass.

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