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All of our accommodations provide individual air-conditioning, private bathrooms, en-suite showers and comfortable beds.

Floating Bungalow Safari Camps - For our fly-in headwaters destinations, we use mobile camper-style bungalows built individually on aluminum hulls. They are the perfect blend of mobility and comfort. Drafting less than 12 inches of water, they are a breakthrough for navigating over shallow water barriers away from fishing pressure.

Beach Camp.jpg
Our mobile, fly-in floating bungalow camp - set up on a beautiful white sand beach.

Each 10'x15' bungalow accommodates two anglers. They are fully carpeted, air-conditioned and have individual bathroom facilities complete with separate hot-water showers.  Each unit has two comfortable single beds with fresh linens and comfortable mattresses. Each bungalow has its own lighting and plumbing system.

Beach Camp.jpg
Roomy 10 x 15’ units have full size beds

The floating bungalow camp consists of four bungalow units docked against a beach or shoreline, with a 24'x12' dining/sitting lounge and kitchen. The camp is moved as appropriate, but will usually remain closest to the river’s most productive regions. We try to find scenic locations with nice beaches for swimming, whenever possible. The camp has approximately 10 staff members, including the bilingual host, two cooks, laundry and cleaning personnel, maintenance technician and guides. The camp is powered by its own generator, which supplies 110 VAC electricity to the bungalows, battery chargers, camp shortwave radio, electric washing machine and various freezers and refrigerators, etc. Our floating bungalow camp is equipped with an extensive medical kit for emergency first aid. The camp, while not pretending to be a 5-star hotel accommodation, is amazingly comfortable and a pleasant surprise for anglers in the truly remote locations it accesses.


Sandy Beaches -- Our bungalow camps are often situated on or near a sandy beach. Many guests find it most comfortable to simply remain barefoot in camp all week long, just like on a beach vacation. 

Water --  All of the camp’s drinking, cooking and food preparation water is commercial bottled water.  

Electricity -- The camp has a dedicated generator supplying 11O-volt electricity.  All of your devices can be charged in your cabin. All bungalow units have their own outlets and power source and individual air-conditioning units.

If you smoke,--    Smoking is permitted only in open-air areas.  Please do not throw your butts on the ground.  

Our floating bungalow peacock bass safari camp on the move
Camps routinely move during the day while anglers are out fishing for peacock bass.

BATHROOMS -- All bungalows have their own private bathroom with sink and toilet and a separate enclosed shower stall with hot water. Each unit will have fresh sets of bath towels and soap.  Showers and sinks are filled by a pump directly from the river. Many of our guests also enjoy bathing in the river. This may be the purest and cleanest water you will ever encounter.  It is not, however, suitable for drinking—so we strictly provide bottled water.  
Laundry -- The camp has a daily laundry service. All dirty clothes should be left in the unit’s laundry bag before you go fishing. The camp’s laundry personnel will pick up your clothes and wash them while you’re out on the river.  Clean clothes will be returned to you each day.


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