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Getting to the Fishery

Accessing peacock bass via floatplane
Accessing peacock bass locations
in the Amazon via floatplane.

Acute Angling is dedicated to providing the most productive fishing trips possible. This means remote locations, far from population centers and most often quite inaccessible. Since there are no road networks in the Amazon lowlands, getting there requires aircraft. Our various trip destinations and operating mechanisms require either floatplanes or twin-engine wheeled aircraft. 

Blackwater Explorer Yacht Trips - Travelers on our yacht trips will be transferred by van to the domestic airport (in the same complex as the International airport) for a charter floatplane or twin-engine wheeled plane (depending on destination) to wherever the yacht is located.  Upon landing, you and your baggage will be transported directly to the Blackwater Explorer yacht, generally arriving before lunch.

Floating Bungalow and Multi-species Lodge Trips - Travelers on our floating bungalow and Multi-species lodge trips will be transferred by van to the domestic general aviation airport for a charter floatplane flight directly to the river on which you will be fishing. You will land directly at the camp on an 8-passenger Cessna Caravan float plane or you will ride in one of our fishing boats for a short trip to the Multi-species lodge after landing (this is dependent on the location of secure landing areas). An afternoon fishing session on the day of arrival is usually possible (in addition to the 6 scheduled days), if weather and flight schedules permit.

For all Anglers - Weight Limits - It is standard procedure to have your bags weighed before getting on any of the domestic charter flights.  For emphasis, we repeat here that regional general aviation policy limits baggage to 33 pounds per passenger on floatplanes and 44 pounds per passenger on all other flights.  You may be required to lighten your load if your luggage is over-weight.  Some points to consider for all of the trips;

peacock bass fishing boat
An example of the boats we use when fishing for peacock bass.

Boats - Many of the rivers we fish have certain similarities. We prefer to fish productive, shallow rivers that cannot normally be accessed by deeper drafting boats or other operations. We want to exclude both the subsistence fishermen and the ever-increasing number of sport fishing operations that tend to follow each other around. Our yacht trips are offered during periods that give us deep-water access to headwaters fisheries, yet generally remain mostly devoid of other craft, due to exclusivity agreements or simple access limitations. In order to get over the sand bars and shallows or through narrow entrance channels, that act as an effective barrier to most boats (especially big, wide, fancy bass boats with hydraulic tilt), we use agile, shallow-drafting craft exclusively. Each of our three operations uses specifically designed, purpose built fishing boats. Our boats are designed to provide access to the most isolated waters, where others can’t go. All of our peacock bass fishing boats are equipped with electric trolling motors and Garmin ‘InReach’ satellite tracking and communicating devices. All boats have the necessary fishing tools and equipment and ample coolers to store drinks and lunches.

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