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Health, Sun and Insects

HEALTH  -- Our groups often include anglers ranging in age from pre-teens to their eighties.  The camps, the yacht, the staff and the structure of the operation are all designed to make life comfortable and easy for all of our anglers, from the fittest to the more sedentary. All of the work of the camp is ably handled by our expert Brazilian staff. You are free to fish, eat, drink, relax and tell tall tales. Happily, the most serious problems we see are the occasional self-inflicted hook wounds. It is, however, still important that anglers understand that they are, in fact, deep in the Amazon jungle. For this reason, and since all of our camps are located in extremely remote areas, certain basic considerations should be kept in mind.

Acute health problems - Those who have known, serious, potentially acute, health problems should think twice about going to a remote location with limited access to medical attention. In the case of an emergency, we will have a float plane flown in as soon as possible, but this can take up to half a day (night flights are not possible). All camps have 24-hour radio contact with Manaus and satellite telephones. Acute Angling offers "Global Rescue" insurance packages.

Contagious diseases - The areas you'll be fishing are virtually unpopulated, therefore water-born contagious diseases are not a threat. There are rare cases of light diarrhea due to the normal rigors of travel, but you can eat and drink with confidence in camp. Do not, however, drink the tap water in any hotel rooms or public areas!

INSECTS -- The dry season in Brazil is a very benign environment. The areas we fish are essentially completely devoid of mosquitos and most other biting insects.  A common daytime outfit can be nothing more than a bathing suit and lots and lots of sunblock. The blackwater river channels and lagoons where we fish are too acidic to support mosquito reproduction. We simply do not encounter mosquitos on our regularly scheduled trips.

Exploratory trips — Because the Amazon is such a vast and complex ecosystem, it is always possible for unexpected conditions to occur on our exploratory trips. If you are joining us on an exploration, bring at least one set of socks, long pants, long sleeves and a dependable brand of repellent (Muskol, Cutters or anything else with DEET).

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