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Meals and Camp Life

peacock bass trip - meals
All of our Peacock Bass Fishing Trips include
delicious meals, sumptuous and satisfying.

Our chefs provide restaurant quality meals throughout your stay. A breakfast buffet is typically served at 6:00 AM each morning.  Pancakes, eggs, toast, fresh fruit, bacon, cereal and fresh coffee are all standard fare.  Lunch is typically fixed (box-style) by each angler in the morning before departing for fishing. This allows anglers to stay on the river the entire day, to minimizing travel and  maximizing fishing results. Appetizers and cocktails are offered immediately upon the angler’s return from the day’s fishing. Dinner is served around 6:30 PM. Typically, a selection from a mixture of Brazilian and ‘American’ foods enliven the camp’s dinner menu. Delicious soups begin the meal. Fresh fish, beef, and chicken are accompanied by an assortment of beans, rice, bread, salads and mixed vegetables.  Dinner is always accompnied by fine wines.  Desserts are a welcome finishing touch. Our trips provide an open bar with soft drinks, beer, wine and domestic liquors always available. 

A WORD ABOUT LOCAL CULTURE -- In the middle of the Amazon jungle a slow pace of life and a "laid back" attitude is entrenched in the culture of the native people. Therefore, crisp timing, efficiency as we know it and effective planning may sometimes be out of sync with what fast-paced first-worlders may be used to. Don't worry - relax and enjoy the ambiance where you are. Our staff is always at your service;  you'll find them to be attentive, warm and helpful. 

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