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Getting ready for a peacock bass fishing trip to the Amazon takes careful planning and preparation ...and you get to play with all of your fishing stuff.

For over two decades, Acute Angling has been operating fishing trips in Brazil and providing anglers with the opportunity to pursue giant peacock bass and Amazon exotics.  We use three different operating systems to enable us to access the wide variety of Amazon fisheries; our mobile floating bungalows access remote headwaters, the elegant "Blackwater Explorer" yacht provides the most consistently productive peacock bass fishing in the central Amazon basin, and our rustic Picapau lodge provides optimal access to some of the most inaccessible waters in the Amazon Basin. Through a careful process of evolution we have created the most productive and comfortable fishing experience possible in each of our operations. Our number one concern is to bring our clients to the very best fishing the Amazon has to offer.  In order to do this, we go as far into the interior as possible to get away from human intrusion. The end result is an unparalleled record for outstanding catches, in terms of both size and numbers.  Isolation is in the angler's favor, but with it often come unique challenges from an operating and outfitting standpoint. The following guide is designed to detail the inner workings of the lodge, camp or yacht as it concerns your weekly stay. We will continue to strive to create the very best angling experience available in the Amazon basin. Your comments and suggestions to improve any aspect of our trips are always much appreciated.

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