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Travel Information

Peacock Bass fishermen require a Brazilian visa
Peacock Bass fishermen
require a Brazilian visa

TRAVEL DOCUMENTS --  A valid passport is required for all air travel. Make sure your passport is current and does not expire before or while you are out of the United States. It may take up to a month or more to process a new passport, so please plan accordingly.
     In addition to your passport, Brazil requires a tourist visa for all U.S. citizens (as well as those of many other countries). To obtain a visa, your valid passport must be presented to the nearest Brazilian Consulate General at least two weeks (but not sooner than one year) prior to departure (your passport must remain valid for at least three months beyond your planned entrance into Brazil in order to obtain a visa). We will provide you with detailed instructions for completing your visa application long before your departure. We will also recommend an optional visa service that can do all the processing for you.  Brazil has also recently introduced an on-line visa, good for two years. 
     At this time, Brazil does not have any official blanket requirements regarding vaccinations for travelers entering directly from the U.S. with U.S. passports. However, because Brazil does not have yellow fever and wishes to keep it out, you may be asked to present documentation of yellow fever vaccination if you are arriving from, or have recently visited, countries with yellow fever. If you are traveling with our standard arrangements, nothing is normally required, however for absolute assurance if you travel broadly, we recommend that you have a yellow fever vaccination and carry your Record of Immunization with you.   

International Travel; FLIGHT INFORMATION: As part of our full service, turn-key trip package, Acute Angling’s associated travel service will be happy to handle all of your international and U.S. domestic flight reservations. This provides the important advantage of allowing us to change flights and connections in the event of unforeseen issues or weather when leaving Brazil. Of course, you are always welcome to use your favorite travel agency or book your flights with airline miles if you prefer.

CHARTER FLIGHTS - All of our trips include a charter flight to the fishery. In order to accommodate Civil Aviation rules in Brazil, anglers are advised to please adhere to the following guidelines;

BAGGAGE: There is a strictly-enforced 33-pound weight restriction in effect on all floatplane flights and a 44-pound weight restriction in effect on all other charter aircraft (extra items may need to be left in Manaus). Please do not bring large hard shell luggage or coolers. Pack in a soft suitcase, flexible duffel or flexible roller bag to facilitate ease of handling in small aircraft.  Do not bring bags longer than 30 inches - They will not fit in floatplane storage niches.

In order to help our anglers accommodate these guidelines, we’ve taken every step we can to reduce the amount of baggage you need to bring

TACKLE — Each of our Amazon operations provides a full suite of high quality rods and reels, perfectly suited to the fishing requirements in our varied fisheries. It is not necessary for you to bring any rods, reels or lines, only lures.  Of course, you are always welcome to bring your own, keeping in mind the need to travel light.

CLOTHING — Each of our Amazon operations provides full daily laundry service, so three changes of clothing is enough.  For traveling and fishing, we recommend wearing loose fitting, lightweight, light-colored cottons or synthetics (Tarpon Wear, Patagonia etc...).  Some fabrics allow passage of UV rays, so don't bring just any old shirt (we've seen people severely sunburned right through their clothes!)  Long pants and sleeves are best to protect from sunburn.  All camps have daily laundry service, . Please don't over-pack (remember weight restrictions).

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us, toll-free or E-mail us.
Thanks for fishing with Acute Angling!

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