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Multi-species Variety Fishing — Picapau Lodge

Rio Travessao Lodge - Amazon Multi-species variety

Rustic Jungle Luxury - Our new, air-conditioned lodge offers comfortable, spacious cabins, private bathrooms, full-sized showers and all the comforts of home ... perfect for those who want to experience the incredible Amazon jungle by day and then return to comfortable, albeit rustic, luxury at night. Picapau Lodge on the incredible Rio Travessão is located in a pristine Indian reservation in Brazil’s northern Amazon highlands. Experience stunningly beautiful, scenic fisheries with direct access to an amazing variety of the fierce fishes of South America — payara, peacock bass, wolfish, giant catfish and more!

Fishing Trips at Our Comfortable Rustic Lodge:

Rio Travessão Variety

Fierce Amazon Predators.

Price: $5450

Accomodation: Elegant Rustic Lodge

Species: Bicuda, Catfish, Pacu, Payara, Peacock Bass, Piranha, Wolfish (Trairao)

Season: October through February

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