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Floating Bungalow Camps

Amazon Fringe Expeditions Floating Bungalows
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Our fly-in Floating Bungalow camps are designed to access the Amazon's most inaccessible waters. The camp's hydrodynamic, air-conditioned, floating cabins allow the entire camp to move with the best fishing conditions while simultaneously providing anglers with access to fresh, fish-filled waters. If you think that means they're only suited for the hard-core, adventure angler, think again. Our exciting fly-in Floating cabin trips feature surprisingly comfortable, spacious air-conditioned accommodations with private bathrooms and hot showers. These hosted peacock bass trips in Brazil are offered on selected, big-fish rivers.

Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Trips in Our Floating Bungalow Camps:

Fly-in Floating Bungalows

Trophy Peacock Bass

Price: $5,250

Accomodation: Floating Bungalow Camps

Species: Catfish, Peacock Bass

Season: October - March

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Variety Bungalows

Pinima Peacocks & Variety

Price: $4,450

Accomodation: Floating Bungalow Camps

Species: Apapá, Aruana, Catfish, Cichla pinima

Season: September

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