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2019 Giant Peacock “Exploratory” fishing trip

      If giant fish don’t interest you,
           don’t read any further. 

     It took nearly a decade to put this together.  Our first conversations with the Tucano tribe began in 2009, but it took until 2012 for us to get invited in to take a quick look around and test the waters.  The three big fish we caught back then made us realize we needed a more thorough exploration here.  In 2018, six long years later, we finally put together a 3 week exploratory trip.  Although it was hardly enough time to learn all aspects of this unexplored fishery, one important fact jumped out at us immediately … There are huge fish here!  This beautiful blackwater river, completely enclosed within a remote reservation, holds honkin’ big peacock bass that have never been fished before and never seen a lure.  
     The fishery is complex, with 160 miles of fishable floodplain river, two big tributaries and an unusual mix of riverine and lagoon structures.  We were here to explore, so, in the spirit of exploration, our anglers focused on helping us probe the system’s extremities.  What we found was enlightening.  

The results of this exploration provided four clear facts;

  • There are huge fish here.  
  • This is not a numbers fishery.
  • We are missing a ton of information about this fishery
  • We’re going back to explore further!

     This river has already shown us that it is a potential world record fishery, so we have extremely high expectations for our return. Our short visit produced an astounding 22 fish over 20 pounds in three short weeks and a total of 54 trophy fish.  Keep in mind that this doesn’t consider the amount of trophies lost … We estimate that as least as many fish were lost as were landed, including some giants that simply overwhelmed our anglers.  
    We plan at least a four week Exploratory this time around and expect that it will fill in the blanks about this fishery.  We are planning to come back with an operating mechanism that will allow us to cover more water faster, with instrumentation to precisely measure fishery parameters and with an array of fishing tools such as sonar and fish finders. We are collecting and reviewing the last 10 years of rainfall, water level and overall hydrologic data collected by Brazil’s version of the U.S. Geological Service.  

     The 2019 Curicuriari Exploratory will provide customer comfort levels equal to our regularly scheduled trips.  We don’t have precise dates yet, but we are sending in trained guides during the rest of the season to periodically probe the river, fish it and determine its behavior and productivity .
     We realize that there exists a large contingent of peacock bass anglers whose primary goal is giant fish … perhaps even a shot at the record … and we know it’s quite possible here.  Therefore, we have implemented an early registration program to accommodate those anglers who wish to ensure a space and also to help us gauge the necessary level of logistical demand in order to select the most appropriate operating mechanisms.

Although we do not yet have precise dates scheduled, we are accepting fully refundable deposits for anglers who wish to pre-register and ensure their access to the available spaces.  We expect to be here during at least four weeks spread through September and October of 2019 with a trip price of $7950.
     Here’s how Early Registration will work;
We’ll designate our groups as number 1 – 4.
Anglers can guarantee a space, risk-free, by contacting us (webmaster@acuteangling.com or toll-free at 866 832-2987) and pre-registering for their preferred group number - up to 8 anglers per group.
     A fully refundable deposit of $2000 per angler is required to hold a pre-registered space.  Once dates are determined, registered anglers will be contacted and given the option to confirm their date, to adjust their date as necessary or to cancel their space for a full deposit refund.  Upon confirmation, anglers will receive a complete reservation package with all information and materials necessary to go forward.  Pre-registered anglers will receive a discount.

     Anglers will arrive via a 3½ hour floatplane flight.  This is an extremely remote region, creating significant logistical challenges thus we have not finalized our operational mechanism, although we are leaning toward a mobile, air-conditioned operation.  You can buy cheaper trips and more expensive trips, but you can’t buy this kind of experience anywhere else at any price.  Call us, toll-free, for more information. 866 832-2987.


This giant 26 pound monster ‘açu’ came from our 2018 exploration on the Rio Curicuriari.

Giant Peacock Bass

A spectacular 22 lb. ‘paca’.

The Curicuriari yielded 22 fish over 20 pounds in 3 short weeks!

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