Cast Into Untouched Waters

2023 Exploratory Trips - Now Open for Reservations

Cast Into Untouched Waters

In our safari-style Jungle camps -  Rio Cumaru & Xingu Basin

Safari-Style Camp

Glamping is the right word for our comfortable tent village with flush toilets, stall showers and lights, fans and electricity in each tent. Wooden boardwalks and tent bases mean you won't even get your feet dirty.

In Our Safari-Style Jungle Camps -  Rio Cumaru & Xingu Basin

Fast-water Peacock Bass, payara, wolfish, giant bicuda, pacu, pescada, red-tail catfish, piraiba, sorubim, & more

Brazil's Amazon basin

Xingu Basin & Rio Cumaru

Xingu: July — Aug.
Cumaru: Sept. -  Dec.

Accomodation Type
Safari-Style Camping

Hosted By
Wellington Melo

Large Private Tents, Boardwalks, Flush Toilets, Showers

Amazon wolfish caught on the Exploratory trip

per angler

Private Safari-Style Tents

Wolfish  caught on the Exploratory trip
Exploratory Fishing Trip Information

This trip is accessed by floatplane, and an example of the fishing boat used on this trip This trip is accessed by floatplane, and an example of the fishing boat used on this trip
Exploratory Fishing trip images

Cast Into Untouched Waters
Unexplored River – Exotic Variety

The Focus

Unexplored Waters | Exotic Variety | Exclusive Reserve

Our Exploratory trips are for the hardcore angler who has a streak of exploration, adventure and discovery in their blood. These wilderness expeditions cater to the fisherperson whose dream is to go where the fish have never seen a lure. We seek out the most unexplored and unknown regions in the Amazon rainforest and go where others can’t (or won’t) to make those dreams come true.

Some of the Exotic gamefish species available on our Exploratory Fishing trip

If you're itching to be the first person to cast at untouched water, then this is the best way to scratch it. Sometimes we search for giant peacock bass, sometimes upland variety; fanged payara, huge wolfish, acrobatic bicuda, pacu and more, along with a whole array of the Amazon's famous giant catfish. We're often not even sure what else lurks in these waters. That's why we do this. 

Space is limited to 8 anglers per group on these floatplane accessed trips. The accommodations are surprisingly comfortable—“Glamping”; Private safari-style tents with full electricity in a rustic but surprisingly comfortable and civilized camp.

Exploratory Fishing Trip Camp

2023 Exploratory Fishing Trip on the spectacular Rio Cumaru — variety-species — safari-style camp

What's Included

All of the following are included with the price of this all-inclusive trip:

  • Comprehensive travel insurance for our clients (up to age 75) is provided via IMG Insurance.
  • Comprehensive Medical and site Evacuation services are provided via Global Rescue.
  • Airport assistance and transfers
  • Overnight at our Manaus home based hotel.
  • Six (6) + days of fishing
  • Seven (7) nights at our Safari-Style Camp
  • Double or single occupancy tents
  • Great meals; excellent wines
  • Well-stocked open bar
  • Charter flights
  • Rods, reels, lures, even fishing licenses
  • Guided fishing (2 angler/boat)
  • Dayroom on departure at our Manaus home based hotel.

What's Not Included:

The only things that aren't included in our packages are discretionary tipping and flights provided by commercial airlines. However, we will be happy to arrange and book your flights for you, with no service charge, as part of our turn-key trip package.:

  • International air transportation to Manaus, Brazil.We recommend that you use our free service to arrange and book your international flights.
  • Tipping — discretionary
  • passports — required
  • Visas — no visa required for U.S., Canada and Australia
  • Fly Fishing gear is not included

Additional Free Services,
External Services & Upgrades:

Acute Angling provides these addional services, options and upgrades for its clients as part of our turn-key trip package:

  • We will arrange and book your international flights for you, no charge.
  • All fishing tackle needed for this trip is included at no charge — Rods, reels, lines, even lures and fishing licenses are provided.
  • Complete passport and visa service is available from ItsEasy Visa Services.
  • Single boat reservation upgrades are available upon request.


Acute Angling's Amazon Exploratory Trips

The term "Exploratory Trip" has been used to describe just about any kind of Amazonian travel - from Teddy Roosevelt's famous jungle journey to a luxury sightseeing cruise. But we're fishermen and what we care about is finding fish.

Most fishermen are impatient and it's the impatient fisherman's dream to go where the fish don't make you wait. That's why the most unexplored and unknown regions are always our first choice. Every time a fisherman hits a stretch of new water, their eyes open wide and their fishing antennae go up? Who knows? This just might be the place where you end up surrounded by schools of aggressive, swirling, feeding fish, all of them, just as impatient as you are. Find out more and perhaps you'll join us on our next exploratory journey.

Warning - Exploratory trips are not for everyone. They can sometimes include more basic accommodations, simpler meals, less experienced staff, and less polished itineraries. You've got to be in it for the adventure or you might be better off with our tried and true regularly scheduled trips.

How Do the Exploratory Trips Work?
Over the years we've operated several dozen exploratory trips. Some have been fantastic, providing us with fantastic new fisheries, while some have shown us that they just don't hold up to the standards of productivity we demand. So, we've learned to do our exploring in two stages.

Our first stage is generally a quick (3 days or so) visit, usually just a core Acute Angling team. We eat fish, sleep in a tent or hammock and take care of our personal ablutions off in the woods … and we fish. As you might imagine, we've done this a few times before and we're pretty quick about taking the measure of a place. If we're catching the type of fish we seek and enough of them, we have the baseline information to justify a more detailed effort.

That leads to a full scale exploration with anglers invited to join us. Our accommodations are simple but comfortable in our safari style camps, the mechanism that provides the best access to the fishery.

We usually plan on 4 to 8 weeks and up to 8 anglers per week. This is the true test of a fishery. What can we learn that we didn't see on our first visit? What species are we finding? How does it hold up to pressure? Is this a place that deserves to become part of our regular schedule? We figure it out together. Our exploratory anglers always have a very special Amazon experience. They enjoy a visit to a unique, pristine river, catch a species mix they might never otherwise encounter and take away lifelong memories. Even when they don't lead to new destinations, our exploratory trips always provide first class fishing adventure. Who knows where we'll be next year?


Exploratory trips call for a mechanism to provide comfortable domiciles for anglers while providing the flexibility to access an as yet unknown fishery!

Our Exploratory trips are designed to give us and our Acute Anglers access to previously unfished and untested waters. Thus, we never know what it will take to best achieve this until we make a careful assessment of the fishery. Sometimes access is simple, but usually we deal with rapids, waterfalls or other navigational difficulties ... and the best answer is to bring in our safari tent camp.

Nobody Creates a Better
Temporary Jungle Home!

Our most versatile Exploratory tool is our Safari Camp operation. Portable enough to go anywhere a boat or airplane can get to, it's flexible enough to provide an operating base in any terrain. We've turned exploratory camping (or maybe we should say "glamping") into an artform.

Acute Angling's regularly scheduled trips all boast great food, quality wines and an open bar. So does our Safari camp! Our regularly scheduled trips offer high quality rods and reels, comfortable beds, and daily laundry service. So does our camp! In fact, except for airconditioning (we have fans) and private bathrooms (the camp provides several bathrooms with flush toilets and pump-driven showers), there isn't a lot missing. Frankly, if you've ever gone camping, this is about as good as it gets.

We come fully supplied with generators, pumps, pipes and wiring, so complete electrical and plumbing systems are put in place on our arrival. This lets us implement an array of refrigerators, freezers and appliances. Our camp kitchen is equipped with full-sized propane fueled stoves and ovens. We engineer a sanitary septic system on site, allowing for comfortable and private flush toilets. A network of pipes and pumps provides water for showers, sinks, even a washing machine!

In spite of all this complexity and sheer mass of materials, our campsite simply disappears back into the jungle when we leave. Our commitment to the spectacular Amazon environment we explore demands that we make no permanent mark and leave our surroundings as pristine as when we first found them.

NOTE - There's a reason no one else does this. Like automaker's halo cars, exploratory trips get lots of attention. But, like Dodge's Viper, exploratory trips are generally money losers. Up front costs are outrageous and trip planning and logistics for a 4 to 8 week escapade demand pretty much the same amount of effort, energy and expense as twenty week's worth of regularly scheduled trip operations. (Honestly, you might ask why any intelligent businessman bothers to do this). We do it because we're dedicated to finding the world's best freshwater fishing in its last unspoiled wilderness and sharing these amazing experiences with our fishing family.

Fast-water in the new Amazon exploratory fishery. Glamping on a remote Amazon fishing expedition. We provide all rods, reels, and lures for you ultimat Amazon fishing experience. The Amazon exploratory fishing expedition liar's table. You won't loose wait on this Amazon trip, even after fishing all day. Safari-style tents. Fishing in the remote Amazon. Slower water by camp in the new Amazon exploratory fishery. Dining at our exploratory tent camp. Lots of Amazon catfish species found here. Lots of Fast-water peacocks here as well.

Sample Itinerary

Generally, our Exploratory Trips share a similar itinerary with our regularly scheduled trips

Day 0 — International Travel
Depart U.S. via International flight. Arrive in Manaus in the late evening. After clearing customs, our transfer guide will meet you and bring you to our Manaus home base hotel, where you’ll overnight. 

Day 1 — Transfer to Camp
Board our float plane in the early AM. Arrive in the late morning, relax and get your gear ready for 6 days of fishing ahead.

Day 2 through Day 7
Six full days of fishing. Your angling day begins with a 5:30 AM wake up call followed by breakfast at 6:00 AM. Your guide will be ready to depart at first light, although you can remain in camp at your leisure. Relax at lunchtime each day. Return to camp by 5:00 PM for appetizers, drinks and bragging, followed by a delicious dinner. 

Day 8
Early morning, take the floatplane back to Manaus, arriving in the early afternoon. Relax in a dayroom at our Manaus home base hotel.  Depart Manaus via International flight around midnight.

NOTE - Some of our Exploratory trips may be in  extremely remote regions requiring long charter flight times.  Precise charter schedules are not arranged until a fishery has been identified. In addition, precise trip dates and itineraries may vary depending on air carriers schedules and availability.float plane

Rio Travessao payara

Current Availability

Cast Into Untouched Waters on an Unexplored River – Exotic Variety

Summer 2023 Trips - Xingu Basin

Trip No. Departure Area Returns Price Availability
HG-01 Jul 17, 2023 Xingu Basin Jul 24, 2023 $7495 7 Openings
HG-02 Jul 24, 2023 Xingu Basin Jul 31, 2023 $7495 OPEN
HG-03 Jul 31, 2023 Xingu Basin Aug 7, 2023 $7495 OPEN
HG-04 Aug 7, 2023 Xingu Basin Aug 14, 2023 $7495 OPEN

Fall 2023 Trips - Rio Cumaru

Trip No. Departure Area Returns Price Availability
HX-02 Oct 15, 2023 Rio Cumaru Oct 22, 2023 $7495 OPEN
HX-03 Oct 23, 2023 Rio Cumaru Oct 30, 2023 $7495 1 Opening
HX-04 Oct 30, 2023 Rio Cumaru Nov 6, 2023 $7495 4 Openings
HX-07 Nov 20, 2023 Rio Cumaru Nov 27, 2023 $7495 7 Openings

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