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Blackwater Explorer Charter

Great Mobility - Consistent Productivity

Charter Trip – Blackwater Explorer Yacht

Trip Details

Species: Peacock Bass and/or other species that may be available at the time and region you select, including at various times; catfish, apapa, pacu, aruana, arapaima, and others.

Country: Brazil (Central Amazon Region)

Fishery: Just about anywhere navigable in the Amazon basin

Season: Year Round

Accommodation Type: Yacht mothership

Hosted by: Lilian dos Santos

Format: You can define it. We’ll help you. The yacht will accommodate up to 20 people in Double Occupancy mode, with air-conditioned, en-suite cabins. Up to 10 people in private cabins.

Price: Dependent on the trip you design. Call for info.

What's Included

Typical arrangements include:

  • Comprehensive travel insurance for our clients (up to age 75) is provided via IMG Insurance.
  • Comprehensive Medical and site Evacuation services are provided via Global Rescue.
  • Overnight at our Manaus home based hotel
  • A predetermined number of days of fishing
  • All nights on the Blackwater Explorer
  • Double or single occupancy cabin
  • Gourmet meals
  • Open bar
  • Charter flights
  • Fishing licenses, lures, rods & reels
  • Guided fishing (2 anglers/ boat)
  • Dayroom at our Manaus home based hotel
  • Airport assistance and transfers

What's Not Included:

These Items are not included in the price of the trip, however, we will be happy to arrange all of these services for you, upon request, as part of our turn-key trip package:

  • International air transportation. We can advise or book Acute Angling clients on international carriers servicing Manaus, Brazil.
  • Tipping
  • Passports
  • Visas (for those countries where required — U.S., Canada and Australia are exempt.)

Upgrades and Extras:

Acute Angling provides these necessary services, options and upgrades for its clients as part of our turn-key trip package:

  • International air transportation. We can advise or book Acute Angling clients on international carriers servicing Manaus, Brazil.
  • All fishing tackle for this trip is included - additional gear, species and location specific, is available through;
  • Complete passport and visa service is available from ItsEasy Visa Services.


Fish for the world's most exciting gamefish on the beautiful,
comfortably air-conditioned, "Blackwater Explorer" yacht.

The Blackwater Explorer is available for exclusive, custom-designed excursions in the Amazon Basin.

Acute Angling will collaborate with you to design exactly the trip that perfectly suits your desires. Want a quick, 3-day executive trip for peacock bass? Want a leisurely 3-week exploration of the Amazon's complexity? Want variety and unique experiences? Want fast efficient float plane access or do you prefer a leisurely cruise to the fishery? Tell us what you want - we can make it all happen. Contact us to explore the amazing possibilities.

With her big, fully air-conditioned cabins, private bathrooms and spacious group areas, the Blackwater Explorer is one of the most comfortable yachts in the Amazon. Her shallow draft and wide beam allows us to traverse sandbars and difficult waters to access regions others just can't reach. She's the perfect vessel for exploring remote, new waters.

Minimum group size - 8 anglers. Maximum - 16 anglers. Limited dates available for short term plans. There is greater availability the farther in the future you plan.

Blackwater Explorer Yacht Blackwater Explorer Kitchen Staff Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Trophy Peacock Bass Fishing on a Blackwater Explorer Yacht Amazon Fishing Trip
Peacock Bass Fishing on the Blackwater Explorer Yacht


The beautiful Blackwater Explorer

Built to fish - The "Blackwater Explorer" is one of the most attractive yachts sailing the Amazon basin. Her classic and graceful "Amazonian Regional" design blends perfectly with the pristine blackwater habitat she calls home. But more importantly, she's been built to fish. Her broad beam maximizes her functional interior space while keeping her length manageably short. This gives her great maneuverability, letting her safely and easily penetrate into inaccessible, meandering headwaters streams. The yacht's impressively low draft (she displaces only 1.2 meters) allows her to readily pass shallow sandbars and obstructions that would keep less efficiently designed boats back in port.

Designed for fishermen - The Blackwater Explorer was designed for fishermen. Her well-organized debarkation deck lets a full group of anglers get started on their fishing day quickly, without crowding, fuss or confusion. The debarkation deck's waterline exit lets you walk right onto your fishing boat, with no ladders to climb. All of your fishing gear and take-along items can remain right at hand and be ready to go when you are. We've done our homework and we've designed the best purpose-built sportfishing vessel in the Amazon. Luxurious and Comfortable - The Explorer is a fishing mothership of the highest caliber. The list of her luxurious features is long. Here are just a few.

  1. Private bathrooms w/sink, toilet and hot shower in each cabin.
  2. Roomy cabins with plenty of storage space.
  3. Two meter high ceilings. Gone are the days when six-footers have to duck.
  4. Huge (6 and 1/2 x 7 meter) common area. Spacious dining room and lots of walk-around space.
  5. Big, wide, non-slip stairwells.
  6. Cabin doors open directly to outside spaces.
  7. Shallow draft for improved access - almost 1/2 meter less than typical Amazon yachts. The Explorer can fish areas we've never accessed before.

Comfort and Security - The "Blackwater Explorer" will take you to some of the world's most remote fisheries, with more comfort than anyone could expect hundreds of miles away from the last vestiges of civilization. Hot showers, private bathrooms, personal air-conditioners, 100VAC in each cabin, reading lamps, storage cabinets - who could expect all this on an Amazon fishing adventure? You should! Spend your day on fast bass boats fishing productive, hidden backwaters, then return each evening to the comfort and security of the Blackwater Explorer. Added to this, the high level of personal service provided by our staff and the dedicated fishing expertise provide by our guides make the Blackwater Explorer the ultimate way to access the incredible Amazon peacock bass.

Blackwater Explorer Yacht -Peacock Bass Fishing Trip Blackwater Explorer Yacht -Peacock Bass Fishing Blackwater Explorer Yacht -Peacock Bass Fishing Blackwater Explorer Yacht -Peacock Bass Fishing Cabin Blackwater Explorer Yacht Bar Peacock Bass Mothership - The Blackwater Explorer

Sample Itinerary

These are just sample arrangements for these trips - Build your own!

Sample Trip Idea 1 — Short but effective excursion.

Day 1
Depart Manaus, Brazil - Early AM. Transfer to domestic airport for chartered floatplane flight to water landing nearest the fishery. Arrive on the yacht and enjoy breakfast. Enjoy a full day of fishing for the incredible peacock bass.

Day 2 and Day 3
Two full days of fishing. A normal angling day begins with a 5:30 AM wake up call followed by breakfast at 6:00 AM. Your guide will be ready to depart as early as 6:30 AM, although you can remain on board at your leisure. Pack a boxed lunch and relax or take a midday snooze in a hammock on the riverbank. Return to camp by dusk for appetizers, cocktails and bragging, followed by a delicious dinner. Depending on our location, anglers may also enjoy village visits, jungle walks, spotlighting excursions or catfishing.

Day 4
Early AM transfer back to Manaus via charter flight. Catch your flight home the same day.

Sample Trip Idea 2 — Long and Languid Exploration

Day 1
Arrive in Manaus, Brazil - After clearing customs, transfer to Manaus harbor to board the Blackwater Explorer. After settling in, the Explorer sets sail on the mighty Amazon River.

Week 1
Cruise to the western Amazon basin and explore Brazil's spectacular national parks. Visit Mamiroa and fish for arapaima, apapa and other species. Explore the beautiful Rio Jurua and Japura. Return each day to the comfort and security of the Blackwater Explorer.

Week 2
Descend the Solimoes river and explore its mysterious tributaries. Probe the Rio Purus in pursuit of tambaqui and matrincha. Explore the Rio Manacapuru and Mamori. Return each day to the comfort and security of the Blackwater Explorer. Depending on our location, anglers may also enjoy village visits, jungle walks, spotlighting excursions or catfishing.

Week 3
Cruise to the Rio Madeira basin and fish for trophy peacock bass in an enormous Indian reservation. Explore 4 big rivers and an enormous flooded forest. Visit Indian villages.

Leave the Blackwater Explorer and transfer back to Manaus via charter flight or cruise back on the yacht. Relax at our Manaus home base hotel or book a city tour, shop or enjoy great Brazilian restaurants. Catch your flight back to the US or overnight in Manaus, depending on carrier selected.

NOTE - Trip dates and Itineraries may vary depending on air carriers schedules and availability.

Blackwater Explorer Yacht - Peacock Bass Fishing Peacock Bass Fishing Blackwater Explorer Yacht - Peacock Bass Fishing


We're happy to customize a schedule for a Blackwater Explorer Special Charter trip.

Please contact Paul Reiss at 866 832-2987 — ext. 1, and we will be happy to work out the details with you. The earlier you call in advance of your departure, the better the chances we can include everything that you want in your trip.

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