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Fish for the world's most exciting gamefish while living aboard the beautiful, comfortably air-conditioned, "Blackwater Explorer" yacht.

Living aboard an elegant, air-conditioned yacht while fishing remote Amazon backwaters in nimble skiffs offers anglers the best of both worlds. Water levels and fishing conditions often change on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis in the Amazon. Our Blackwater Explorer yacht can readily keep anglers in the most productive water even in the face of sudden, changing conditions. Our great mobility allows us to access the most productive, remote Amazon waters, and when necessary, literally change river systems overnight. Endless miles of majestic, fish holding waters with hidden lagoons, winding creeks, placid lakes and sandy beaches. We concentrate on finding the rivers or regions with optimal water levels and productivity during each part of our fishing season. Our "turn-on-a-dime" flexibility allows us to find great fishing on every one of our trips. We boast extremely high daily catch averages (from 20 - 50, even 100 or more peacocks a day) Trophy fish in the teens are routine and monsters over 20 lbs. are taken each season. Great top water action and superb fly fishing opportunities. Anglers can also do battle with huge red-tailed catfish (up to 100 pounds) that are abundant in some of these river systems.

Return each evening to the comfort and security of the Blackwater Explorer. Our elegant yacht boasts superb meals, fine wines, impeccable service and an Amazon atmosphere so comfortable, you never want to leave.  Purpose built fishing boats, professional guides, incomparable knowledge of the fishery, well-appointed cabins and a full, open, bar make this not only the most productive, but also the most pleasant of Amazon fishing operations.

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