In Pursuit of the World Record

Rio Curicuriari - World-Record Amazon Peacock Bass

In Pursuit of the World Record

Rio Curicuriari - Blackwater Adventurer

Trip Details

Species: Peacock Bass (Cichla temensis, Cichla orinocensis). Catfish (sorubim, filhote).

Country: Brazil (Western Rio Negro basin)

Fishery: Rio Curicuriari Indian Reservation

Season: mid-August through mid-November.

Accommodation Type: Luxury Floating Hotel

Hosted by: Heraldo Regis

Format: Up to 8 anglers in air-conditioned single-occupancy cabins (or couples suites) with private bathrooms, hot showers and plenty of creature comfort.

Price: $7950 per angler.

What's Included

The following is included with the price of the trip:

  • Comprehensive travel insurance for our clients (up to age 75) is provided via IMG Insurance.
  • Comprehensive Medical and site Evacuation services are provided via Global Rescue.
  • Airport assistance and transfers
  • Overnight at our Manaus home based hotel.
  • Five (5) + days of fishing
  • Six (6) nights on the Blackwater Adventurer
  • Single occupancy cabin
  • Gourmet meals; fine wines
  • Open bar
  • Charter flights
  • Fishing licenses, rods & reels & lures
  • Guided fishing (2 anglers/ boat)
  • Dayroom at our Manaus home based hotel

What's Not Included:

The only things that aren’t included in our packages are discretionary tipping and flights provided by commercial airlines. However, we will be happy to arrange and book your flights for you, with no service charge, as part of our “turn-key” trip package:

  • International air transportation. We recommend that you use our free service to arrange and book your international flights.
  • Tipping — discretionary
  • Passports — required
  • Visas — no visa is required for U.S., Canada and Australia.
  • Fly Fishing gear is not included.

additional FREE services, external services & Upgrades:

Acute Angling provides these additional  services, options and upgrades for its clients as part of our turn-key trip package:

  • International air transportation. We recommend that you use our free service to arrange and book your international flights.
  • All fishing tackle needed for this trip is included at no charge - However, for those who just have to have something additional, specialized gear, species and location specific, is available through;
  • Complete passport and visa service is available from ItsEasy Visa Services.
  • Single boat reservation upgrades
    are available upon request.


The Rio Curicuriari Giant Peacock Bass trip ... Why fish here?

If giant fish don’t interest you, don’t read any further.

How we got here — It took nearly a decade to put this together. Our first conversations with the Tucano tribe began in 2009, but it took until 2012 for us to get invited in to take a quick look around and test the waters. The three big fish we caught that day made us realize we needed a more thorough exploration here. Six long years later, we finally put together a 3 week exploratory trip. Although it was hardly enough time to learn all aspects of this unexplored fishery, one important fact jumped out at us immediately …

There are huge fish here! This beautiful blackwater river, completely enclosed within a remote Indian reservation, holds world-record class peacock bass that have never been fished before and have never seen a lure. The Curicuriari immediately proved that it’s a world-record class fishery. Our initial visit here yielded a new IGFA length record on our first day! ... and produced an astounding 22 fish over 20 pounds in three short weeks! That’s without even considering the amount of trophies lost … We estimate that as least as many fish were lost as were landed, including some giants that simply overwhelmed our anglers.

What we’re going to do — The fishery proved to be so good that we have made a long-term commitment to enable anglers to experience this remarkable fishery. We have created an exclusive partnership with the tribe’s 5 local communities for the privilege of fishing these remarkable waters. A partnership calls for a responsible social conscience and involves far more than just negotiating with tribal leadership. It means building a collaborative relationship and proactively working to improve the capabilities and quality of life of every member of the community.

How we will do it — This is an extremely remote region, with significant logistical challenges to achieve access, thus anglers will arrive directly via floatplane. We will operate here with our brand new “Blackwater Adventurer” — a new type of operating mechanism that will allow us to navigate the challenging entry and then cover all of the the peaceful floodplain waters that hold our giant quarry … with unrestricted mobility and in total comfort, luxury and security. Equipped with scientific instrumentation to precisely measure fishery parameters and with an array of fishing tools such as sonar and fish finders, we will fill in the information gaps while our anglers fulfill their fishing dreams.

How you can catch a 20 pounder — Join us here. Total trip price is $7950, all-inclusive. You can buy cheaper trips and more expensive trips, but you can’t buy this kind of experience anywhere else at any price. If you’ve been dreaming of a chance to go hand to hand with the biggest specimens of the world’s most powerful sportfish, then don’t miss this great opportunity. Call us, toll-free, for more information. 866 832-2987.

Giant Peacock Bass
This giant 26 pound monster ‘açu’ came from our first exploration on the Rio Curicuriari.
Click Here to Learn How to catch Your 20 Pound Peacock Bass Trophy
A spectacular 22 lb. ‘paca’.
The Curicuriari yielded 22 fish over 20 pounds in 3 short weeks!
Peacock Bass Trophy Giant Amazon Peacock Bass Peacock Bass from the Rio Curicuriari Another Huge Peacock Bass More Amazon Peacock Bass Trophy Peacock Bass Amazon Peacock Bass Angler shows off another Amazon Peacock Bass Giant Peacock Bass caught on our Amazon Fishing Trip


Built to fish - Our new vessel’s navigational design is different than anything Acute Angling has ever built before. The Rio Curicuriari, where it was conceived, is a navigational challenge; with 90 miles of rocks and rapids in its lower reaches, making it pretty much inaccessible by normal vessels. So, we built our new flagship on a super shallow-drafting barge hull and we use super-safe, Cessna Caravan floatplanes to deliver anglers in comfort and ease, bypassing the difficulties. This vessel has been been built to fish. Its broad 7 meter beam maximizes its functional interior space while its unique barge-style hull, drafting less than ½ meter, lets it pass any obstacle. The Adventurer can easily penetrate into otherwise inaccessible regions. But more important for an angler — You’ll spend your day on fast bass boats fishing productive, hidden backwaters, then return each evening to a comfortable, secure accommodation that doesn’t have to leave to reach a runway, can get into the most difficult waters and has so much mobility that it isn’t tied to a given river or location.

Designed for fishermen - With a debarkation deck that accommodates its full complement of 8 anglers, you get started on your fishing day quickly, without crowding, fuss or confusion. The list of the Adventurer’s unique and luxurious features is long. Here are just a few.

  1. Private bathrooms w/sink, toilet and hot shower in each cabin.
  2. Roomy cabins with plenty of storage space.
  3. Two+ meter high ceilings. Gone are the days when six-footers have to duck.
  4. Spacious dining room and lots of walk-around space.
  5. Big, wide, non-slip stairwells.
  6. Large cabin windows provide river views.
  7. Super-shallow draft for improved access - less than ½ meter (20 inches or less).

Comfort, Service and Security - From mid-August through mid-November, the "Blackwater Adventurer" fishes the Rio Curicuriari, one of the world's most remote fisheries, with more comfort than you’d believe. And, as in all Acute Angling operations, you can expect the highest level of personal service and the dedicated fishing expertise that makes the Blackwater Adventurer the perfect way to access the exclusive Rio Curicuriari’s world-record sized Amazon peacock bass.

The Blackwater Adventurer The Blackwater Adventurer Interior Peacock Bass

Join us in the “Land of the Giants”

Blackwater Adventurer Cabin - Peacock Bass Fishing Trip Blackwater Adventurer Cabin - Luxury Floating Hotel Blackwater Adventurer Cabin - Spacious Blackwater Adventurer Open Bar Blackwater Adventurer Cabin - Roomy Blackwater Adventurer Cabin - Deck Blackwater Adventurer Cabin - Private Batroom

Sample Itinerary

Day 0 — International Travel
Depart U.S. via International flight. Arrive in Manaus. After clearing customs, our transfer guide will meet you and bring you to our Manaus home base hotel, where you’ll overnight.

Day 1 — Transfer to Yacht
Board a Cessna Caravan floatplane directly to the Rio Curicuriari in the early AM. Arrive mid-day and gear up for a quick taste of the region’s fishing.

Day 2 through Day 6
Five full days of fishing. Your angling day begins with a 5:30 AM wake up call followed by breakfast at 6:00 AM. Your guide will be ready to depart at first light, although you can remain aboard at your leisure. Relax for an hour at lunchtime each day. Return to the Blackwater Adventurer by 5:00 PM for appetizers, drinks and bragging, followed by a delicious dinner. Jungle hikes, spotlighting trips and catfishing can be arranged.

Day 7
Early afternoon, board the floatplane to Sao Gabriel to refuel, then head back to Manaus, arriving early evening. Overnight at our Manaus home base hotel. Depart via International flight based on your itinerary.

NOTE - Trip dates and Itineraries may vary depending on air carrier’s schedules and availability.

Blackwater Adventurer - Peacock Bass Fishing

Current Availability

Rio Curicuriari

Fall 2022 Trips

Trip No. Departure Area Returns Price Availability
GC-04 Sep 7, 2022 Rio Curicuriari Sep 13, 2022 $7995 1 Opening
GC-05 Sep 13, 2022 Rio Curicuriari Sep 19, 2022 $7995 4 Openings
GC-06 Sep 19, 2022 Rio Curicuriari Sep 25, 2022 $7995 OPEN
GC-07 Sep 25, 2022 Rio Curicuriari Oct 1, 2022 $7995 4 Openings
GC-09 Oct 7, 2022 Rio Curicuriari Oct 13, 2022 $7995 5 Openings
GC-11 Oct 19, 2022 Rio Curicuriari Oct 25, 2022 $7995 3 Openings
GC-13 Oct 31, 2022 Rio Curicuriari Nov 6, 2022 $7995 OPEN

Fall 2023 Trips

Trip No. Departure Area Returns Price Availability
HC-02 Sep 1, 2023 Rio Curicuriari Sep 7, 2023 $7995 5 Openings
HC-03 Sep 7, 2023 Rio Curicuriari Sep 13, 2023 $7995 7 Openings
HC-04 Sep 13, 2023 Rio Curicuriari Sep 19, 2023 $7995 OPEN
HC-05 Sep 19, 2023 Rio Curicuriari Sep 25, 2023 $7995 6 Openings
HC-06 Sep 25, 2023 Rio Curicuriari Oct 1, 2023 $7995 5 Openings
HC-07 Oct 1, 2023 Rio Curicuriari Oct 7, 2023 $7995 6 Openings
HC-08 Oct 7, 2023 Rio Curicuriari Oct 13, 2023 $7995 OPEN
HC-09 Oct 13, 2023 Rio Curicuriari Oct 19, 2023 $7995 OPEN
HC-10 Oct 19, 2023 Rio Curicuriari Oct 25, 2023 $7995 OPEN
HC-11 Oct 25, 2023 Rio Curicuriari Oct 31, 2023 $7995 OPEN

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