Amazon River Monsters – Amazing Variety in an Exclusive, Protected, Indigenous Reserve

Multi-Species Fishing Trips
Rio Travessao

Amazon River Monsters – Amazing Variety in an Exclusive, Protected, Indigenous Reserve

Rio Travessão - October through February

Pica-Pau Lodge

Rustic Pica-Pau Lodge is located on its own island in the middle of a pristine mountain river. Not fancy, but pretty darned comfortable; private cabins, en-suite bathrooms, hot showers, natural spa and wonderful meals.

At Our Comfortable, Multi-Species Pica-Pau Lodge

Peacock Bass (Cichla vazzolen), Wolfish, Payara, Bicuda, Pacu, Pescada, Giant Catfish; Piraiba, Jau, Redtails, Sorubim, Jundira and more

Central Amazon Basin

Brazil's Guyana Shield

October through February

Accomodation Type
Land-Based Lodge

Hosted By
Wellington & Joao Paulo

Private Cabins or Couple's Suite

Piranha caugt on the Rio Travessão

per angler

Private Cabins
or Couple's Suite

Payara and Wolfish caught on the Rio Travessão
Rio Negro Blackwaters Peacock Bass Fishing Trip Information

This trip is all about exotic Amazon variety. There's just nowhere else like it. If you think that oddly famous TV star, who poses himself all over South America, catching one "river monster" per episode, is doing something special, well he just doesn't know the Rio Travessão. The biggest, baddest and most monstrous species of them all are here; all together and ready to fight. Our comfortable lodge operates from October through February.

Pica-Pau Lodge on the Rio Travessão

Multi-Species River Monsters
Incredible Amazon Adventure

The Focus

Exotic Multi-Species Variety | Exclusive Indian Reserve

Exotic Amaon gamefish species caught on our Amazon Multi-Species Trip

If you're looking for a broad Amazon experience, this trip is for you. Preserved in an Indian reservation and protected from outside access by rapids and waterfalls, this unique fishery provides anglers with more than just an exciting fishing trip … Surrounded by pristine Gallery Forest, over a dozen of the world's most exciting gamefish live here.

Private cabins or couple's suites – Space is limited to 8 anglers per group, floatplane only access.

Pica-Pau Lodge on the Rio Travessão

Multi-species Variety Trip — Picapau Lodge on the Rio Travessão

What's Included

All of the following are included with the price of this “all-inclusive” trip:

  • Comprehensive travel insurance for our clients (up to age 75) is provided via IMG Insurance.
  • Comprehensive Medical and site Evacuation services are provided via Global Rescue.
  • Airport assistance and transfers
  • Overnight at our Manaus home-base hotel.
  • Six (6) + days of fishing
  • Seven (7) nights at our comfortable Picapau Lodge.
  • Double or single occupancy cabin
  • Gourmet meals; fine wines
  • Well-stocked open bar
  • Charter flights
  • Fishing licenses, lures, rods & reels
  • Guided fishing (2 anglers/ boat)
  • Dayroom at our Manaus home-base hotel

What's Not Included:

The only things that aren’t included in our packages are discretionary tipping and flights provided by commercial airlines. However, we will be happy to arrange and book your flights for you, with no service charge, as part of our “turn-key” trip package:

  • International air transportation. We recommend that you use our free service to arrange and book your international flights.
  • Tipping — discretionary
  • Passports — required
  • Visas — no visa is required for U.S., Canada and Australia.
  • Fly Fishing gear is not included.

additional FREE services, external services & Upgrades:

Acute Angling provides these additional  services, options and upgrades for its clients as part of our turn-key trip package:

  • We will arrange and book your international flights for you, no charge.
  • All fishing tackle needed for this trip is included at no charge - Rods, reels, lines, even lures and fishing licenses are provided
  • Complete passport and visa service is available from ItsEasy Visa Services.
  • Single boat reservation upgrades are available upon request.


This trip is for everyone — even the angler who’s done it all. The Rio Travessão, isolated by impassable waterfalls and inside a protected Indian reservation is the Amazon’s most outstanding variety fishery. We have the great privilege of operating our fishing lodge within its protected, exclusive waters. Join us on the ultimate Amazon fishing adventure.

The Travessão's isolated habitats hold a true potpourri of Amazon species. Big, ugly wolfish to 35 lbs, bicuda to 3 feet long, hieroglyphic patterned sorubim, pacu and the biggest black piranha we’ve ever seen haunt the narrow braids and creeks, while wider sections hold chunky peacock bass in rocky shallows and trophy payara in quick running tailraces. Deep holes harbor the Amazon’s most gigantic catfish, including 350+ lb. piraiba, huge jau, big redtails, jundira and more.

If you’re looking for extreme fishing excitement and a true Amazon adventure, join us on the wild and isolated Rio Travessão and become among the few outsiders to ever experience these eerily beautiful lands.

Rio Travessao variety fishing trip trairao leaping Amazon Fishing Lures Amazon wolfish


Our rustic, air-conditioned lodge provides a comfortable home base in this pristine wilderness. With private bathrooms and walk-in showers, anglers enjoy a well-organized domicile. With our staff's full-service commitment, you can concentrate on the exciting fishing, enjoy the great meals and just relax.

Where Navigation is not an Option - Acute Angling’s Picapau Lodge is the perfect answer. Where fast water, rapids and rocky braids deny access to house-boats and floating camps alike, only an operation like our land-based lodge can fulfill the purpose. A Cessna Caravan floatplane flies you over the obstacles and brings you there in total comfort and safety. Our mission, however, goes beyond simply getting there; We've designed and outfitted our lodge to meet the challenge of providing a surprisingly comfortable, civilized and secure base of operations from which our anglers can pursue the Amazon's rarest and most exotic fishes in otherwise totally inaccessible waters.

For those who want even more adventure — We’ve installed our portable safari-style tent camp one day’s fishing upriver from the lodge. Anglers wishing to take advantage of the full extent of this awesome fishery can opt to fish their way upriver and spend a night — or two — or three — and then fish their way back down.

piraiba giant catfish Rio Travessao cabin Rio Travessao payara Rio Travessao cabins Rio Travessao cabin interior Rio Travessao Giant Amazon Catfish

Sample Itinerary

Day 0 — International Travel
Depart U.S. via International flight. Arrive in Manaus, time depending on your itinerary. After clearing customs, our transfer guide will meet you and bring you to our Manaus home-base hotel, where you’ll overnight.

Day 1 — Transfer to Bungalows
Board our floatplane to our Picapau Lodge in the early AM. Arrive before midday and receive a thorough orientation, then relax and enjoy lunch and get ready for an afternoon of fishing.

Day 2 through Day 7
Six full days of fishing. Your angling day begins with a 5:30 AM wake up call followed by breakfast at 6:00 AM. Your guide will be ready to depart at first light, although you can always choose to sleep-in at your leisure. Relax for an hour at lunchtime each day. Return to the lodge before dark for appetizers, drinks and bragging, followed by a delicious dinner. Jungle hikes and spotlighting trips can be arranged.

Day 8
Early morning, take the floatplane back to Manaus, arriving before noon. Depending on your international flight itinerary, relax in a dayroom at our Manaus home base hotel or arrange a city tour of Manaus or head to the airport to depart Manaus via your International flight.

NOTE - Trip dates and Itineraries may vary depending on air carriers schedules and availability.

Rio Travessao payara

Current Availability

Pristine Wilderness — Great Variety — Amazon River Monsters

Fall 2022/Winter 2023 Trips

Trip No. Departure Area Returns Price Availability
GT-11 Dec 12, 2022 Rio Travessao Dec 19, 2022 $6995 5 Openings
GT-20 Feb 13, 2023 Rio Travessao Feb 20, 2023 $6995 1 Opening

Fall 2023/Winter 2024 Trips

Trip No. Departure Area Returns Price Availability
HT-03 Oct 23, 2023 Rio Travessao Oct 30, 2023 $6995 1 Opening
HT-05 Nov 6, 2023 Rio Travessao Nov 13, 2023 $6995 1 Opening
HT-06 Nov 13, 2023 Rio Travessao Nov 20, 2023 $6995 6 Openings
HT-08 Nov 27, 2023 Rio Travessao Dec 4, 2023 $6995 4 Openings
HT-10 Dec 10, 2023 Rio Travessao Dec 16, 2023 $6995 4 Openings
HT-11 Dec 16, 2023 Rio Travessao Dec 22, 2023 $6995 OPEN
HT-12 Dec 22, 2023 Rio Travessao Dec 29, 2023 $6995 OPEN
HT-17 Jan 26, 2024 Rio Travessao Feb 2, 2024 $6995 5 Openings
HT-19 Feb 9, 2024 Rio Travessao Feb 16, 2024 $6995 1 Opening

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