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Rio Travessao — Multi-species Variety

This trip is for the angler who’s done it all. The Rio Travessão, isolated by impassable waterfalls and inside a protected Indian reservation is the Amazon’s most outstanding variety fishery. We have the great privilege of operating our fishing lodge within its protected, exclusive waters.adventure.  Join us on the ultimate Amazon fishing adventure.

The Travessão's isolated habitats hold a true potpourri of Amazon species. Big, ugly wolfish to 35 lbs, bicuda to 3 feet long, hieroglyphic patterned sorubim, pacu and the biggest black piranha we’ve ever seen haunt the narrow braids and creeks, while wider sections hold chunky peacock bass in rocky shallows and trophy payara in quick running tailraces. Deep holes harbor the Amazon’s most gigantic catfish, including 300+ lb. piraiba, huge jau, big redtails, jundira and more. 

If you’re looking for extreme fishing excitement, join us on the wild and isolated Rio Travessão and become among the few outsiders to ever experience these eerily beautiful lands. 

Rio Travessao variety fishing trip trairao leaping Amazon predatory fish

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