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Amazon Exploratory fishing trips
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The term 'Exploratory Trip' has been used to describe just about any kind of Amazonian travel - from Teddy Roosevelt's famous jungle journey to a luxury sightseeing cruise. But we're fishermen and what we care about is finding fish. So, we're committed to using the mode of transportation and accommodation best suited to the area we're planning to explore.

Most Amazon anglers are impatient fishermen and it's the impatient fisherman's dream to go where the fish don't make you wait. That's why the most unexplored and unknown regions are always our first exploratory choice. Every time a truly fanatic angler hits a stretch of new water, his eyes open wide and his fishing antennae go up? Who knows? This just might be the place where he ends up surrounded by schools of aggressive, swirling, feeding fish, all of them, just as impatient as he is. Find out more and perhaps you'll join us on our next exploratory journey.

Warning - Exploratory trips are not for everyone. They can sometimes include rather basic accommodations and simple meals, untrained staff, and unpredictable itineraries. You've got to be in it for the adventure or you're better off with our tried and true scheduled trips.

Amazon Peacock Bass Exploratory Fishing Trips:

2020 Exploratory

To Be Announced

Price: To Be determined

Accomodation: Exploratory Trips

Species: Peacock Bass

Season: To Be Announced

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