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Apapá, (Pellona castelnaeana)
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Apapá, (Pellona castelnaeana), also known as sardinata and as the Amazon pellona in the IGFA record book, is an exceptional, yet little-known migratory gamefish that fights like a miniature tarpon. A clupeid fish, they average about 4 to 10-pounds, but can attain upwards of 17-pounds. Apapá even look somewhat like a tarpon, except that they sport a brilliant golden holographic coloration.. These 'golden freshwater tarpon' typically reside in faster water during the low water season and will take both flies and lures with reckless abandon. During high water seasons, they will form gigantic migratory schools. Stumbling across such an aggregation of fish can be an anglers dream. Apapá are extremely topwater oriented and actually prefer to take noisy surface flies and lures over subsurface alternatives. Zara spooks and popping-type surface baits are great for these scrappers.

Apapá Fishing Trips:

Blackwater Explorer Charter

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Price: Inquire

Accomodation: Blackwater Explorer

Species: Apapá, Catfish, Pacu, Peacock Bass, Piranha

Season: Year Round

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Variety Bungalows

Pinima Peacocks & Variety

Price: $4,450

Accomodation: Floating Bungalow Camps

Species: Apapá, Aruana, Catfish, Cichla pinima

Season: September

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