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Trophy Payara (Hydrolicus armatus)
Learn More About Payara

Payara (Hydrolicus armatus) are ferocious Amazon gamefish from the family Cynodontidae. Built like a muscled-up salmon, the mouth of the payara is what sets them apart from all other gamefish. They sport an intimidating set of razor sharp fangs, protruding from the lower jaw like two glistening ivory framing nails.

Payara typically reside in relatively fast water and take both lures and flies with such savage force that one can easily rip the rod from an inattentive angler's grasp. Once hooked, these silvery predators make repeated head shaking jumps,and in fast current they can effortlessly peel off 100-yards of line or backing despite a strong drag and stiff rod. Although payara receive much less press than peacock bass, many anglers rate them even higher in terms of both sheer strength, stamina and overall fighting ability (and that's saying something!).

Rio Travessão Variety

Fierce Amazon Predators.

Price: $5,750

Accomodation: Elegant Rustic Lodge

Species: Bicuda, Catfish, Pacu, Payara, Peacock Bass, Piranha, Wolfish (Trairao)

Season: October - February

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