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Specialized Amazon Safari Camp Boats

Specialized Rio Travessao Lodge Boats. (Click image to enlarge)

The Rio Travessao is a rocky, high-gradient river with rapids, shallow riffles and long stretches of open water. We need boats that can handle all of these conditions, so we designed our own and had them built to order. Sturdy, stable, shallow drafting and with a long reach to handle the rapids, these boats provide the perfect combination of angling efficiency and navigational effectiveness.

Our guides know every inch of this river like the back of their hands. They are members of the resident indigenous tribe and this is where they grew up. They have boat handling skills and river savvy that are unmatchable by outsiders and critically important to navigate this complex braided system.  They know exactly where to find the fish and how to go after them. Every now and then, however, they still roll their eyes in exasperation when we release a perfectly delicious pacu or jundira.

Amazon Safari Camp Fishing Guides
Amazon Lodge Fishing Guides. (Click image to enlarge)

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