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Giant Catfish Grand Slam

Where else in the world can you pursue a "giant catfish grand-slam"! Four fantastic, whiskered species provide anglers with the ultimate heavyweight challenge. Some, like the pirarara and jundia prefer cut bait, while the sorubim will happily pursue lures meant for pelagic predators. The ultimate giants, the piraiba, have been observed surfacing and jumping in the moonlight! Catching all of these big cat species in a single lifetime is an accomplishment. Here, it's possible to do it in a week!

Piraiba (Goliath Cat)

Piraiba - Giant Amazon Catfish
Piraiba - Giant Amazon Catfish. (Click image to enlarge)

The Rio Travessao has yielded world-record breaking catfish. The record piraiba (goliath cat) was caught here in 2009. We've caught even larger specimens since, up to 350 pounds. Fish like the hefty beast at left are not unusual.

Pirarara (Red-tail Cat)

These chunky, armor-plated eating-machines prowl deep pools and slow eddies. Their big bodies and great stamina help them hold tight to the bottom, making them a challenge for any angler. One look and it's not hard to tell where the common name came from.

Rio Travessao Redtail Catfish
Rio Travessao Redtail Catfish. (Click image to enlarge)


World Record Jundira Catfish
The leopard spotted jundira fights like a bulldog. Below, Russell Jensen's 28 lb. world record. (Click image to enlarge)


Rio Travessao Sorubim Catfish
Big sorubim will take a lure as readily as a cut bait. They gather on beaches at sundown. (Click image to enlarge)

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