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The Ultimate in Variety Fishing - The Rio Travessao

Here there be giants

Piraiba - Giant Amazon Catfish
Piraiba - The Giant Amazon Catfish (Click image to enlarge)

The Rio Travessao has yielded 11 world-records during our sojourn here, and there are more still to be broken. Sure, this a place known for giants, but there's also amazing variety. Besides the plentiful big cats, this fishery abounds in exotic and hard-fighting species of characins and perciformes.

A big pacu
The Rio Travessao's holds several species of pacu,
some reaching up to 10 pounds. (Click image to enlarge)
The jaws known round the world
Piranha grow enormous in this fishery. The world record has been broken here 3 times. (Click image to enlarge)
World Record Black Piranha
Piranha (Click image to enlarge)
Rio Travessao Pescada
Pescada (Click image to enlarge)
Barba-Chata (flat whiskered) catfish
Barba-Chata (flat whiskered) catfish. (Click image to enlarge)
Pacu - Genus Myleus
Pacu - Genus Myleus (Click image to enlarge)

And there are still more ..... Every season we encounter something we haven't seen before.

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