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The “Scaled Predator Grand Slam” - on the Rio Travessao

Can you imagine a fishery where you can pursue one of the wildest and most exotic fishing grand-slams in the world? Our "scaled predator slam" features four fantastic species that provide plug casters or fly fishermen alike with a superb angling challenge. Catching big peacock bass, fanged payara, giant bicuda and goliath wolfish (trairão) even once during a lifetime can highlight any angler's fishing career. Here, it can be done in a week! In fact, several intrepid anglers have achieved this remarkable grand slam in a single day! This is the kind of action that drives otherwise sane anglers to the most remote fringes of the Amazon basin, casting for giants. 


These savage monsters prowl deep pools, the bases of waterfalls and fast eddies. Their violent strike and great stamina make them an angler favorite and that jawful of teeth makes catching them an unforgettable experience. This fishery has yielded giants up to 36 pounds.

Rio Travessao Payara
Cyril Chauquet with a Rio Travessao Payara. (Click image to enlarge)

Peacock Bass

The Rio Travessao's unique hump-headed peacocks explode on lures in fast riffles, slow back-waters and rocky pools alike. Averaging 6-10 pounds, these chunky fighters can reach 15 pounds.

Rio Travessao Peacock Bass
Look at the hump on this Rio Travessao peacock bass’ head! (Click image to enlarge)
Rio Travessao Peacock Bass
Larry Larsen with a big Rio Travessao peacock bass. (Click image to enlarge)

Wolfish (Trairão)

Reaching almost 40 pounds, this is not a beast to be taken lightly. If they don't immediately slice you off or break you off, they'll drag you into the first underwater snag they can find.

Trairao - Amazon wolfish
Rio Travessao Trairao - Amazon wolfish. (Click image to enlarge)

Bicuda (Boulengerella cuvieri)

They grow to unheard of sizes here. Twelve pounders are not uncommon and we've already jumped off thigh-thick specimens pushing twenty pounds!

Rio Travessao Giant Bicuda
Rio Travessao Giant Bicuda. (Click image to enlarge)

And there's even more variety! -

Even If you've completed the grand-slam, there are yet more great gamefish species here. How about pescada (silver croaker) up to 14 lbs (the world-record)! How about the world's largest black piranha (we've broken the record 3 times here)! We also catch big pacu, aracu and more. Well-known angler and TV personality Steve Townson notched 16 species in a single trip!

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