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Amazon Multi-Species Lodge

Peacock Bass, Giant Catfish, Payara, Wolfish, Bicuda, Pacu, Piranha & More!

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Meals and Dining

Dinner on the Rio Travessao
Dinner on the Rio Travessao. (Click image to enlarge)

Beyond your wildest expectations! That's the only way to describe the meals in our variety species fishing lodge. Traditional Brazilian barbeque, freshly caught fish, even baked lasagna grace our table. Our expert staff, our attention to angler tastes and fresh produce delivered by floatplane ensures that you'll be amazed at how far beyond basic camp fare we've gone.

Safari Camp Barbeque
Barbeque. (Click image to enlarge)

We bake our own bread, we prepare your eggs to order, we even serve our traditional churrasco in rodizio restaurant style. You won't eat better than this on any fishing trip. In fact, you'll go home plumper.

Variety Species Lodge dining area
Dinners are accompanied by fine wines, Brazilian beers, cocktails or soft drinks and offer a variety of main dishes.

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