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A Typical Lodge Day

After your arrival at the lodge on a Cessna Caravan turbo-prop floatplane, you'll be far from anything resembling civilization, so we’ve created our own oasis of civilization in the middle of the Amazon jungle. Our comfortable Picapau lodge will make you forget just how far away from the "real" world you actually are. A typical day offers the following possibilities!

Wake-up Call - Our lodge operates on a very laid back schedule. Since there are so many species of fish with so many behavioral variations, there's always something biting, so we follow no fixed schedule. Wake up when you feel like it and proceed at your own pace. Our staff is always ready to serve you breakfast and even prepare your eggs the way you like them. Once you're ready to head out for a day of fishing, your guide will get everything ready. In addition to the hot morning bite, there's usually a great afternoon bite here, so anglers tend to arrive back in camp around sunset.  

Rio Travessao Payara
Rio Travessao Payara

Fishing - This is why you came isn't it? And, of course, this will be what you remember most. Our guides are selected from the local indigenous community in whose reserve we fish. They know every inch of the water as well as the habits of the fish that live here. They will put you onto the biggest, most exciting freshwater fish you've ever encountered and then you do what anglers do best ..... fish. Imagine weighing in an enormous Amazon trophy after the excitement of a strike and a brutal hand-to-hand battle with one of these magnificent giants. There is no greater angling satisfaction. Your guide will help you safely land and release your catch. The fully equipped and specially designed aluminum boats will be stocked with the food and beverages of your choice. Spend the day casting plugs, fly-fishing or chunking bait. Exotic Amazon species are ready to do battle. When the afternoon shadows start to lengthen into twilight, you'll head back to camp . A comfortable jungle oasis awaits you after a long day's fishing adventures.

The Rio Travessao
The Beautiful Rio Travessao

Navigating - The Rio Travessao fishery is in a high-gradient river system. With its fast water, significant rapids, deep pools and rocky bed, the Travessao can present a daunting challenge to any boatman. Our indigenous guides, however, are amazingly skilled at navigating in this spectacular mountain river system and our boats are specially built for these waters. Using the river's myriad braids and hidden channels to bypass the difficult waters, our guides ensure that anglers can safely and easily access every nook and cranny of this exotic fishery.

lunchtime snooze in the peacock bass fishery
Lunchtime snooze

Lunch Time - Take a boxed lunch along with you and enjoy a break in your fishing day without having to waste time running back and forth to camp. If a snooze appears to be in order, your guide will string a comfortable Brazilian hammock in the shade for your relaxation.

Cocktail Hour - Upon your return to camp in the evening, your camp waiter will have ice-cold Brazilian cocktails (caipirinha) waiting for you along with a variety of tasty appetizers.

Safari Camp Meals
Sitting down for a sumptuous dinner after a day of
battling the giant fish of the Amazon.

Dinner - It's hard to remember you're in the world's largest wilderness when you're enjoying food this good. You'll start your day off with a hearty breakfast and then, after a day of fishing, return to a sumptuous dinner. There are choices at every meal. You can stick with the familiar (steak, chicken, etc.) or try some Brazilian favorites like fresh fish or a meat lover's "churrasco".

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