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Amazon Multi-Species Lodge

Peacock Bass, Giant Catfish, Payara, Wolfish, Bicuda, Pacu, Piranha & More!

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Lodge Facilities

Jungle Comfort — Acute Angling’s unique variety species lodge is brand new, but we have been operating in the Amazon's most remote areas since 1994. Our long experience has taught us how to do it right and as a result, our operations have improved and evolved dramatically over time. No longer can this be called a basic fishing trip; we have honed our operation to the point where the level of comfort and convenience challenges that of many resort facilities! Your responsibility on our fishing trip is to fish, eat, drink, sleep and relax in the very heart of the world's most beautiful wilderness. We do absolutely eveything else!

Our spacious facilty provides pleasant living arrangements for 8 anglers. The attractive lay-out puts resources at your fingertips and assures a comfortable level of privacy and personal space. Located on a sandy river island, the water is a scant 30 feet away. After an amazing day of fishing, the sound of the river's cascading waters makes a perfect finish.

Quiet and dependable electricity is provided by our two powerful diesel generators. Located well distant from the lodge itself, the efficient machines provide energy for our freezers, refrigerators, lights, fans, pumps and air-conditioners. Each cabin has 110 VAC outlets available for charging camera and video batteries or operating a CPAP machine.

Amazon Safari Camp Generator
Picapa Lodge’s generators provide power for refrigeration, lights, fans, A/C and charging your devices. (Click image to enlarge)


variety species lodge en-suite bathroom

A Jungle Bathroom with all the Comforts of Home

Sure, we're in a remote, pristine wilderness, but our lodge is quite civilized in every aspect. Where else can you contemplate the natural beauty of a wild river while you attend to the mundane rituals of daily life.


  • Private Bathroom in each cabin
  • Remote Underground Septic 
  • Clean, Eco-friendly
  • Separate walk-in shower in each cabin.


variety species lodge shower

Built to access the Amazon’s most pristine fishery — Acute Angling’s Picapau Lodge brings you to the ultimate fishing in remarkable comfort. Located on Picapau (woodpecker) Island in the middle of the beautiful Rio Travessao, the lodge provides all the comforts of home and fishing like nowhere else on the planet.

Let Acute Angling take you on the fishing trip of a lifetime!