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Amazon Multi-Species Lodge

Peacock Bass, Giant Catfish, Payara, Wolfish, Bicuda, Pacu, Piranha & More!

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Mission Statement

peacock bass fishing safari camp tent
The spacious cabins are air-conditioned with private bathrooms and walk-in showers..

Our rustic air-conditioned lodge provides a comfortable home base in the Amazon’s most pristine Multi-species variety fishery. This trip is all about the Amazon’s real-world “River Monsters”.  Here you can have amazing angling adventures, yet enjoy surprisingly comfortable accommodations. With private bathrooms and walk-in showers, anglers enjoy a spacious and well-organized domicile. With our staff's full-service commitment, you can concentrate on the exciting fishing, enjoy the great meals and just relax.

peacock bass fishing safari camp tent
Picapau Lodge is located on an island in the middle of the untouched and unpopulated Rio Travessão.

When Navigation is not an Option Acute Angling’s Amazon Fishing Lodge is the only answer. Where fast water, rapids and rocky braids deny access to house-boats and floating camps alike, only an operation like our land-based lodge can function. A Cessna Caravan floatplane flies you over the obstacles and brings you there in total comfort and safety. Our mission, however, goes beyond simply getting there; We've designed and outfitted our lodge to meet the challenge of providing a surprisingly comfortable, civilized and secure base of operations from which our anglers can pursue the Amazon's rarest and most exotic fishes in otherwise totally inaccessible waters.

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