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· Beautiful, pristine surroundings

· Comfortable Accommodations

· Exclusive Indian Reserve

· Real "River Monsters"!

Some fishing trips are all about a particular fish, some about a single experience — This one is a lot more. It boasts over a dozen spectacular gamefish species, a remarkable range of habitat, a pristine gallery forest, one of the Amazon's most beautiful rivers and an exclusive Indian reservation fishery —then it combines them all into the ultimate Amazon adventure.

Your trip starts with a  spectacular floatplane ride over the central Amazon jungle in a new Cessna Caravan, landing in a quiet pool between the rapids of this beautiful mountain river.  A short boat ride brings you to our comfortable new rustic lodge built on an island in the middle of the river.  Here you'll find more creature comforts than you can imagine this deep in the middle of the world's largest wilderness.  The spacious cabins are built on stilts right into the island's trees.  With lovely views of the river, each cabin boasts individual air-conditioning, private bathrooms, en-suite showers and 110V electricity.  This is definitely not roughing it!

Your day starts with a sumptuous breakfast, then it's off to the river.  Our  guides are native Ishkaryana Indians who have lived their entire lives on this water.  They know every inch of it and exactly where to find the habitat that holds the fish you target.  And what an array of species!  Nowhere else can you find so many "River Monsters" in one trip.

All of the fierce predators; monster wolfish, giant payara, powerful peacock bass, deep running pescada and acrobatic bicuda.  And the Amazon's most famous giant catfish; huge redtails, chunky jau, tough jundira, beautiful sorubim and the Amazon superstar, the goliath piraiba, growing to over 350 pounds and over 9 feet in length! Want more?  There are several species of pacu, some reaching nearly 10 lbs., huge piranha, over 8 lbs., aracu, bocão, mandí and more!  This is not a region where you go to catch great numbers of fish, rather, it is a unique Amazon biosphere where anglers can encounter a great variety of different exotic species.

Don't want to fish every minute?  Have a non-fishing partner? This is one of the few angling destinations where you can both be more than happy!  Let our Indian guides show you their community; join them in nighttime jungle forays; take nature-walks; look for wildlife; go bird-watching; kayak our beautiful, fast-water river; and when each day's adventure is over, return to our comfortable lodge.  You can enjoy ice-cold cocktails and delicious appetizers while soaking in our natural, river-formed jacuzzi before indulging in an elegant dinner, complete with fine wines. 

Want more adventure?   For those eager to leave the laid-back atmosphere of our comfortable lodge, fish your way upriver to our satellite camp. Bivouac in a well-equipped safari-style camp in the midst of the deepest Amazon jungle … not your typical KOA.  Live off the land, eat what you catch and experience waters that even the Indians rarely see.

 Join us at comfortable Picapau Lodge on the most unique of  all Amazon rivers, the beautiful Rio Travessao.  Experience a one-of-a-kind adventure in an untouched land that time forgot.

Let Acute Angling take you on the fishing trip of a lifetime!