Great Mobility - Consistent Productivity

The Amazon's Most Productive,
Most Polished, Peacock Bass Trips

Great Mobility - Consistent Productivity

Mission Statement

Our Mission—Our primary goal is to provide the highest quality fishing experience possible in the safest, most comfortable manner. We will expend our efforts, first and foremost, to bring you to the most productive peacock bass fishing waters in the Amazon, at any time during our season, regardless of the effort and expense necessary to get you there. With this accomplished, our staff will ensure that your trip is the fishing trip of a lifetime, with unequaled comfort, luxury and service.

The Blackwater Explorer yacht operates in two different regions as it follows the Amazon’s moving dry season from South to North.

The Igapó Açu — In August, September and early October the yacht operates in a restricted Indian reservation, the Igapó Açu. This lagoon-studded region provides a fishing experience focused on high numbers.

Rio Negro Basin — From mid-October through March the yacht moves into this giant region, providing a trip focused on a mix of size and productivity.

The Black Water Explorer Yacht on a Peacock Bass Fishing Trip in the Amazon.
The Blackwater Explorer Yacht — Its great mobility and surprisingly shallow draft ensures its ability to quickly move to regions with optimal conditions, providing consistently productive peacock bass fishing results.


Length Width Height Draft Max. # of Anglers Max. Capacity Cruising Top Speed
23.5 m (77') 6.5 m (22') 3 levels 1.2 meters 16 Anglers 35 persons 8 mph 18 mph

Built to fish—The beautiful "Blackwater Explorer" is among the most attractive yachts sailing the Amazon basin. Her classic and graceful "Amazonian Regional" design blends perfectly with the pristine blackwater habitat she calls home. But more importantly, she’s been built to fish. Her broad beam maximizes her functional interior space while keeping her total length manageably short. This gives the vessel great maneuverability, letting her safely and easily penetrate into smaller tributaries, inaccessible to other mothership operations. The yacht’s impressively low draft (she displaces only 1.2 meters of water) allows her to readily pass shallow sandbars and obstructions that would keep less efficiently designed boats back in port.

Designed for fishermen—The Blackwater Explorer was designed for fishermen. Her well-organized debarkation deck lets a full group of anglers get started on their fishing day quickly, without crowding, fuss or confusion. The debarkation deck’s waterline exit lets you walk right onto your fishing boat with no ladders to climb. All of your fishing gear and take-along items can remain right at hand and ready to go when you are. We’ve done our best to think it through and we believe we’ve come up with the best purpose-built fishing vessel in the Amazon Basin.

Luxurious and Comfortable—The Explorer is a fishing mothership of the highest caliber. The list of her luxurious features is long. Here are just a few.

  1. Private bathrooms w/sink, toilet and separate hot shower in each cabin.
  2. Quiet, split unit air-conditioners with individual thermostats in each cabin.
  3. Comfortable cabins with room to relax and plenty of storage space.
  4. Two meter high ceilings. Gone are the days when six-footers have to duck.
  5. Huge (6 and 1/2 x 7 meter) common area. Spacious dining room and lots of walk-around space.
  6. Big, wide, non-slip stairwells.
  7. Cabin doors open directly to outside spaces.
  8. Shallow draft for improved access - over 1/2 meter less than typical Amazon yachts. The Explorer can fish areas others just can't get to.
  9. Wider beam - Perfect stability.
  10. Smoke-free cabins and indoor areas.
  11. Open-air bar and lounge area on upper deck.

The Best Fishing Trip in the Amazon. Come and enjoy it with us.

Current Availability

Igapó Açu - Exclusive Indian Reservation Fishery

Note – We have extended our exclusive access in the region, allowing us have two operations fishing in the reserve for upcoming seasons, the Blackwater Explorer and the Harpy Eagle yachts.

Fall 2022 Trips

The Harpy Eagle *See Note Above

Trip No. Departure Area Returns Price Availability

The Blackwater Explorer *See Note Above

Trip No. Departure Area Returns Price Availability

Fall 2023 Trips

The Harpy Eagle *See Note Above

Trip No. Departure Area Returns Price Availability
HH-01 Aug 27, 2023 Igapó Açu Sep 3, 2023 $6795 OPEN
HH-03 Sep 10, 2023 Igapó Açu Sep 17, 2023 $6795 OPEN
HH-06 Oct 1, 2023 Igapó Açu Oct 8, 2023 $6795 9 Openings

The Blackwater Explorer *See Note Above

Trip No. Departure Area Returns Price Availability
HI-01 Aug 28, 2023 Igapó Açu Sep 4, 2023 $6795 6 Openings
HI-02 Sep 4, 2023 Igapó Açu Sep 11, 2023 $6795 4 Openings

Rio Negro Basin - Great Numbers and Trophy Peacock Bass

Fall 2022/Winter 2023 Trips

Trip No. Departure Area Returns Price (Dbl/Sing)** Availability
GN-09 Dec 7, 2022 Rio Negro Dec 14, 2022 $5495/$5995 5 Openings
GN-11 Dec 21, 2022 Rio Negro Dec 28, 2022 $5495/$5995 4 Openings
GN-12 Dec 28, 2022 Rio Negro Jan 4, 2023 $5495/$5995 6 Openings
GN-13 Jan 4, 2023 Rio Negro Jan 11, 2023 $5495/$5995 4 Openings
GN-14 Jan 11, 2023 Rio Negro Jan 18, 2023 $5495/$5995 3 Openings
GN-16 Jan 25, 2023 Rio Negro Feb 1, 2023 $5495/$5995 5 Openings
GN-22 Mar 8, 2023 Rio Negro Mar 15, 2023 $5495/$5995 9 Openings

** Price for a Double Occupancy Cabin vs. Private Cabin

Fall 2023/Winter 2024 Trips

Trip No. Departure Area Returns Price (Dbl/Sing)** Availability
HN-02 Oct 18, 2023 Rio Negro Oct 25, 2023 $5495/$5995 OPEN
HN-03 Oct 25, 2023 Rio Negro Nov 1, 2023 $5495/$5995 OPEN
HN-05 Nov 8, 2023 Rio Negro Nov 15, 2023 $5495/$5995 OPEN
HN-06 Nov 15, 2023 Rio Negro Nov 22, 2023 $5495/$5995 OPEN
HN-08 Nov 29, 2023 Rio Negro Dec 6, 2023 $5495/$5995 9 Openings
HN-09 Dec 6, 2023 Rio Negro Dec 13, 2023 $5495/$5995 OPEN
HN-10 Dec 13, 2023 Rio Negro Dec 20, 2023 $5495/$5995 OPEN
HN-11 Dec 20, 2023 Rio Negro Dec 27, 2023 $5495/$5995 OPEN
HN-13 Jan 3, 2024 Rio Negro Jan 10, 2024 $5495/$5995 10 Openings
HN-14 Jan 10, 2024 Rio Negro Jan 17, 2024 $5495/$5995 OPEN
HN-16 Jan 24, 2024 Rio Negro Jan 31, 2024 $5495/$5995 OPEN
HN-17 Jan 31, 2024 Rio Negro Feb 7, 2024 $5495/$5995 5 Openings
HN-19 Feb 14, 2024 Rio Negro Feb 21, 2024 $5495/$5995 OPEN
HN-20 Feb 21, 2024 Rio Negro Feb 28, 2024 $5495/$5995 OPEN
HN-21 Feb 28, 2024 Rio Negro Mar 6, 2024 $5495/$5995 OPEN
HN-22 Mar 6, 2024 Rio Negro Mar 13, 2024 $5495/$5995 OPEN

** Price for a Double Occupancy Cabin vs. Private Cabin

*Note — Dates not shown are full.

The Fishing - Incomparable

We Cover the Amazon!

Sitting, standing or on a fly, the Explorer's mobility puts you where the fish are .

A peacock bass caught with a fly on one of our Amazon fishing trips
A trophy peacock bass caught with a fly.
An Amazon giant peacock bass trophy
Another trophy peacock bass.
Blackwater Explorer peacock bass fishing
The Blackwater Explorer cutting through the Amazon waters.
peacock bass trophy
Look at the size of these peacock bass!

We find the trophies like no one else can!

peacock bass trophy
Imagine wrestling this giant peacock bass out of the Amazon waters on your fishing trip.

With Unrestricted Access

The Blackwater Explorer Yacht on an Amazon Peacock Bass fishing trip.
The Blackwater Explorer

A Unique Design

The Blackwater Explorer's unique design allows it to go where the others can't. An extremely shallow draft of 1.2 meters makes even small rivers, narrow channels and winding, headwaters tributaries accessible. Our unique displacement style hull turns sandbars into nothing more than a routine navigation event. We can go just about anywhere - and we do. Wherever the water levels are right, and wherever the fish are biting, we'll get you there!

Accommodations—Spacious and Comfortable


All cabins have private bathrooms and hot showers.
All are individually air-conditioned and provide a comfortable angler's retreat.

peacock bass fishing cabin
peacock bass yacht storage


peacock bass fishing boat bathroom


peacock bass yacht showers


fishing boat bunks

Dining Room

Peacock bass mothership dining room
peacock bass fishing trip - dining room

Embarkation Deck

peacock bass embarkation deck

The Blackwater Explorer is built to be accessible for anglers of all ages and levels of physical condition. With no ladders and no steps, our water level embarkation deck allows anglers easy access to their fishing boats; just step right onto your stable fishing boat's casting platform - right at deck level. Rods, reels and fishing gear are ready and waiting for a quick departure.

Open Air Lounge and Bar

peacock bass lounge
peacock bass fishing trip - open air lounge

Open Bar

peacock bass fishing trip - caipirinha

The Blackwater Explorer is pleased to provide its guests with drinks and appetizers whenever they gather. All drinks are provided at no charge, any time. Options include beer, wine, domestic liquors, mixed drinks, soft drinks, juices, water, and of course, Brazil's national drink, the ever popular "caipirinha".

Meals - Fit for a King

Sure, you're a fisherman and you'd be happy surviving on beer and potato chips if that was all you could get on an Amazon peacock bass fishing trip - but that's not what you'll experience on the Blackwater Explorer Yacht. You'll enjoy a wide variety of gourmet meals, prepared in our fully equipped, restaurant style kitchen. If dieting is on your mind, you'll be in trouble here, because no one leaves lighter than when they came.


Delicious peacock bass trip breakfast

Awaken to the aroma of potent Brazilian coffee and a delicious breakfast with eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, pastries and exotic fresh tropical fruit.

peacock bass trip meals


peacock bass trip lunch

Pack a hearty lunch to enjoy during your fishing day. Select from Brazilian specialty salgadas, fresh fish, hamburgers or just a simple ham and cheese or peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

peacock bass trip pastries

A selection of freshly baked breads and pastries cap off a hearty meal.


peacock bass fishing trip meals

After a long day of fishing, return to the welcoming Explorer and, before you know it, an ice cold "caipirinha" finds its way into your hand along with delicious appetizers. Relax and enjoy fishing tales in our open-air lounge during "Happy Hour" and then head to the Explorer's Brazilian hardwood dining room for a full course dinner.

Dinner always includes amazing soups, fresh salads and tasty desserts with a full range of beverages, from excellent wines, tropical juices to Coca Cola or hot tea. Wine, beer and liquors are always available at our well-stocked open bar. The Blackwater Explorer is a floating gourmet experience, in every sense of the phrase.

Fishing Boats and Equipment

The Blackwater Explorer operates a fleet of shallow draft, 18 foot welded aluminum bass boats. Custom built to our specifications, these fast and efficient boats are designed to take hard use and keep anglers comfortable while accessing even the most hidden lagoons. Two stable fishing platforms provide solid footing and casting access for even the largest anglers. The comfortable, stable, padded seats can be pedestal mounted or anglers can fish standing, as per their preference. Don't be hornswoggled by big, fancy bass boats offered by some operators. They just aren't right for this purpose. Our boats can pass through the narrowest of lagoon openings, passing over underwater debris or under overhanging logs with ease. We handle the most challenging obstacles, letting us fish waters that others have to pass by.

Equipped with meticulously maintained 40 hp Yamaha outboards and 45 lb. thrust trolling motors, anglers are perfectly positioned to catch their Amazon trophies. Guides utilize Boga-grips, fishing tools and landing nets. A cooler with food and drinks of your choice provides the fuel that busy anglers need. Each boat carries a Garmin ‘InReach’ satellite tracker and communicator in case assistance is needed.

Peacock bass are inactive at night, so anglers and guides start their fishing day at sunrise. A hearty boxed lunch and a pair of hammocks makes for a comfortable midday break. Anglers return to the Explorer by 5:00, after a full day of pursuing the awesome peacock bass. Cocktails and appetizers are waiting.

18 foot welded aluminum peacock bass fishing boat
18 foot welded aluminum peacock bass fishing boat
The Blackwater Explorer's fleet of 18 foot welded aluminum boats are deigned to get into the smallest, most inaccessible waters ... critical for effective peacock bass fishing.  Our 40-hp Yamahas can be raised by hand, allowing our boats to slide over downed trees or under overhanging logs. 
Try that with a hydraulically lifted motor on a broad-beamed froo-froo fiberglass bass boat!

Trip Features

More Than Just Awesome Fishing

The Amazon basin is the world's largest primeval wilderness. Not only is it home to the world's fiercest fighting fish, but it is a place of incomparable beauty, enduring mystery and incomprehensible contradictions. No visit here is complete without an opportunity to witness some of the Amazon's above-water wonders. On the Blackwater Explorer, you'll be given every opportunity to see, feel and be part of this spectacular place.

Visit an Amazon Village

An Amazon villiage encountered on our peacock bass fishing trips.
Many small, simple villages are scattered throughout the region the Blackwater Explorer visits. Whether Indians or "Caboclos", indigenous Amazonian peoples live a unique riverine life style here. It is our privilege and pleasure to visit these villages, dependent on our location, interact with their people and gain an understanding of a culture usually invisible to temperate zone dwellers.

Amazon Seminars

peacock bass seminar
Paul Reiss, PhD in Neotropical Ichthyology, presents seminars (as do various of our hosts) on the Amazon and its fish species and wildlife. Attend after dinner lectures and learn the basic facts about the Amazon and how it came to be. For those anglers interested in even more in-depth analysis of the remarkable peacock bass, scientific seminars detailing this amazing creature’s life history and behavior are available.


redtail catfish
The Amazon is home to big, powertail redtail catfish, sleek, fast suribim and several other species of giant catfish can be accessed, depending on the yacht’s location. Take an afternoon or evening to try your hand at these beasts. Everything is calm and relaxed until your line starts whizzing into the sunset. Then the battle is on!

Brazilian Barbecue

Peacock bass fishing trip barbeque offering - churrasco
Our outdoor grill on the Explorer's upper deck is the site of a delicious, traditional Brazilian barbecue. Celebrate a great week of fishing and the trip of a lifetime with a food feast, Brazilian style. Grilled steak, chicken and sausage together with a traditional "feijoada" provides the finishing touch to your Amazon experience.

Delicious Shore Lunch

Enjoying a peacock bass fishing shore barbecue
Nothing beats grilled fish fresh out of the water. Our guides can turn your morning's extra catch into a delicious shore lunch, barbecued on the spot, Amazonian style. Sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.

Hike in the Rainforest

A group taking an Amazon jungle hike after fishing for peacock bass
Get your feet on the ground and take a hike in the jungle. Visit the unique riverside "igapo" (flooded forest) and hike in to see the sights in the renowned "terra firme" primary forest.

Spotlighting Excursions

A caiman spotted at night after a long day of peacock bass fishing
The jungle's edge comes to life at night. Jaguars, agouti, nighthawks and cutia all become easier to encounter at night. As added entertainment, using powerful spotlights, our guides not only find nocturnal caiman, but dive athletically into the river to capture them for your photo opportunities. Don't worry, it's strictly a catch and release affair and nobody, including the caiman, gets hurt. Bring your camera and flash. This is not to be missed.

Angler Services


All of our Peacock Bass Fishing Trips offer full Laundry services

No need to pack an extensive wardrobe. Our washer and dryer equipped laundry means your clothes are washed, dried, folded and delivered to your cabin, daily - rain or shine.  Three changes of clothing are plenty.

Our washer and dryer equipped laundry


Our shortwave radio available for use on your fishing trip

The Blackwater Explorer is equipped with a complete array of telecommunications and electronics gear, including; Iridium Satellite telephone; shortwave radio; chart plotter; depth finder and VHF marine radio. Each fishing boat is equipped with a Garmin ‘InReach’ satellite tracker and emergency contact system.

Our Satellite Telephone to stay in touch while fishing in the Amazon

Satellite telephone service is available for client use at $5.00 / minute and for emergency use at all times at no charge.

Our Iridium Satellite Phone

Free Fishing Tackle Use

peacock bass fishing tackle

No need to bring your own. Leave the clunky rod tubes home. As part of our “all-inclusive” package, Blackwater Explorer guests are provided with free use of our extensive stock of top quality rods, reels, lines and lures. We are proud to offer carbon fiber Okuma rods, top-shelf Shimano reels and Power-Pro lines, along with all the lures you’ll need.

Fishing Instruction

peacock bass fishing lessons

Novice angler? Never fished in the Amazon? Not sure how to proceed? Our expert guides are more than happy to provide fishing instruction, including casting, lure selection, even fly fishing lessons. Just ask.

Dietary Accommodation

Beyond the high quality of our delicious meals, our staff is fully prepared to provide dietary accommodations as necessary. We can serve a full range of meals for persons with a variety of food allergies or special dietary requirements.


Your cabins are maintained daily. Our staff makes beds, cleans cabins and sanitizes bathrooms. You'll return after a full day of fishing to a clean, comfortable and fresh smelling cabin. Our staff is 100% dependable and theft NEVER occurs.

CPAP Machines

Each cabin is provided with 110 VAC power available whenever you are in your cabin, and all night long. Not only can you run your support machine, but you can also recharge batteries for cameras and other portable appliances.

Safety and Comfort - Our Prime Considerations

Waterproof Compartments

The Blackwater Explorer is all wood, built to withstand the rigors of long travel and heavy use in Amazon waters. With its displacement style hull, made of dense itauba wood, the Explorer can safely navigate the sandbars and shallow obstructions characteristic of Amazon waters. Divided into three independent compartments by waterproof bulkheads, the Explorer is one of the safest and most stable vessels you'll ever travel on.

Satellite Trackers

All of our fishing boats are equipped with satellite messaging and Garmin ‘InReach’ GPS tracking devices. If an emergency arises, we’re ready to handle it immediately. We know where you are and what your status is all the time.


Lifeboats on the Blackwater Explorer, the peacock bass mothership


Life jackets for use on our peacock bass fishing trips

Sanitary Systems

Acute Angling is committed to conserving the Amazon's purity as well as ensuring our guest's comfort. So we've taken steps to ensure that our vessel is not only trimmed in green, but is "green" in every ecological sense of the word. The Explorer does not release effluents into Amazon waters. Two 4000 liter holding tanks ensure that all waste water can be sanitarily disposed of between angling groups. Not only does this keep the river clean, but it ensures that the Explorer's immediate environs are clean and pure for bathing and swimming as well.

Water Health

To further ensure our guests comfort, the Explorer has no water storage tanks, where undesired impurities can collect. The Explorer's shower and tap water is drawn "on demand", from the world's purest waters.

The Explorer uses only bottled mineral water for all cooking and drinking purposes. Even our ice is made from pure bottled water. That helps make us the healthiest boat in the Amazon.

Main Engine

Fishing boat motor
fishing boat mwm

We replace our main drive motor routinely. Driven by a brand new for 2018, fuel-efficient, powerful and dependable MWM diesel engine, the Blackwater Explorer cruises efficiently at 8 mph and can reach an 18 mph top speed.


Power outlets on our Amazon fishing trip mothership
Generator use onboard the Blackwater explorer on all peacock bass fishing trips

The Blackwater Explorer provides full time 110 VAC electrical service. Lighting, auxiliary services and air conditioning are powered by one of our three diesel generators; 70kw main unit (2018), 70kw heavy duty backup (2016), and 15kw daytime appliance unit.

On-board Staff and Crew

Although only our yacht was launched in 2008, the Blackwater Explorer's management team has over 25 years of experience operating peacock bass fishing trips. Not only is our staff highly trained and technically proficient, but every single member of our crew is there to see to it that you are served with a smile and that your experience on the Blackwater Explorer is an integral part of the fishing trip of a lifetime.

LILIAN - Host/Interpreter
Barbara - Peacock Bass Fishing Trip host
Marizete - Chef/Manager
Marizete - Amazon Fishing Chef/Manager
Thaima - Assistant
Antonio - Waiter
Mineval - Waiter serving you on your Peacock Bass Trip
Tomas - Engineer/Mechanic
Reginaldo - Engineer/Mechanic on the Black Water Explorer
Isaias - Assistant
Sidine - Assistant
Norberto - Partner/
Operations Director
Norberto - Partner/Director for our Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Expeditions
Paul —
Paul - Partner/Development and World Renown Expert on Peacock Bass

Our Expert Peacock Bass Fishing Guides

Our guides are, simply put, the best peacock bass fishermen you'll ever encounter and unequivocally the best in the business. All have had careful training with up to 25 years of experience. They are experts with both fly and conventional tackle and they are pleased to provide limitless assistance and guidance to their angling clients.  They’ll change your lures, they’ll tie your knots, they’ll land your fish and they’ll make certain you succeed!

Adilson — Popcorn
Altemar - Amazon Fishing Trip Guide
Saba — Sebastião
Saba - Will teach you how to catch Peacock Bass
Branco - Experienced Amazon Fishing Guide
Estirao - offers tips on catching giant peacock bass
Antonio - experienced guide on Amazon fishing trips
Pingo - peacock bass fishing expert
Sidoka - peacock bass guide
Gladimir - guide for Amazon fish species and fishing trips
Support Staff
Our Peacock Bass Fishing Trips Support Staff

Experts in boat handling and placement, fish location, lure selection, tackle, technique, and every aspect of peacock bass fishing, our incredibly helpful and knowledgeable guides are an important key to your fishing success.

Igapó Açu Trip Description

Late August through Mid-October · Amazing Numbers · Broad-Size Distribution

An exclusive Indian reservation trip. Excellent for casters and fly fishermen alike, this is the Amazon’s best numbers fishery.

The Amazon's most productive fishing trip in the amazing Igapó Açu region. Enclosed in an Indigenous reserve, we are the only mothership operation with the rights to this hyper-productive fishery. Our great mobility allows us to access several protected fisheries, including the Rio Matupiri, Rio Preto, Rio Igapó Açu and Lago Tacquia. Over 300 miles of majestic waters with isolated lagoons, winding tributaries and lazy creeks.

This trip is focused on high numbers - Extremely high daily catch averages (from 30 - 100 or more a day!). Trophy fish in the teens are common and even fish over 20 lbs. are encountered here every season. Unbelievable fly fishing opportunities.

Single Occupancy Trip Configuration - Space is limited to 8 anglers per group, float-plane access, private cabins. This trip fills up a year in advance, so make your plans early!

Igapo Açu Giant Peacock Bass

Learn More

Rio Negro Trip Description

Mid October through March · Consistent Productivity · Big Fish, Excellent Numbers

Peacock Bass Double Header!
Peacock Bass Double Header!
This is a highly productive fishery!
This is a highly productive fishery!
This fishery provides a mix of big fish, constant action and great fun!
This fishery provides a mix of big fish, constant action and great fun!

We roam the Amazon's biggest fishery providing a mix of big fish, constant action and great fun. Simply the best fishing value in the Amazon.

In mid-October, the Blackwater Explorer moves into the enormous Rio Negro basin. With hundreds of miles of complex, island-dotted archipelagos and dozens of fish-laden tributaries, this is the world's largest peacock bass fishery - and we make use of all of it. We're not stuck in the channels! Our super-shallow draft and broad, displacement-type hull lets us go exactly where conditions are best.

This trip is focused on a mix of size and productivity - World-record size peacock bass (approaching 30 lbs.) are found in the Rio Negro basin. If you seek a 20+ pound trophy, this is the place. Good daily catch averages (from 15 - 30 or more a day). Fish over 20 lbs. are taken here routinely.

Double or Single Occupancy Trip Configuration - Space is limited to 14 anglers, charter flight access, private or shared cabins. The best value in the Amazon!

Our Peacock Bass mothership - the Blackwater Explorer

Learn More

Trip Packages

All-Inclusive” — Our trip price is “all-inclusive” and covers everything you’ll need for your incredible Amazon experience ... No hokey “extras” and no surprise charges. From the moment you step off your international flight, we include all fishing activity, tackle provision, food, drink, open bar, charter flight, transfers, hotels and staff services. Bring three changes of clothing and your toothbrush … We provide everything else at no extra charge.

“Fully-Insured” — Your trip investment is never at risk … Your trip includes a complete travel insurance policy from IMG, covering your full trip price, baggage and medical emergencies. You are never at risk ... We provide a Global Rescue subscription to cover any emergency extraction, bringing you all the way home.  We are a fully insured company … providing coverage for each angler for any accidental liability.

“Totally Turn key” — You’ll never stumble over trip preparation or find unforeseen complications ... We provide an all-encompassing personal online portal that will walk you through every step of your pre-trip considerations, from documentation to flight organization and an expert staff that will provide complete customer support. We’ll be holding your hand all the way.  

… Individual Bookings - The Blackwater Explorer accepts bookings from individual anglers on most scheduled dates. It is not necessary to book with a partner. Individuals may book alone at our regular pricing and be assigned a fishing partner and roommate or they may reserve a private cabin at a small additional charge. 

… Pairs and small groups - Pairs may book together and share a boat, a guide and a cabin (or they may select individual, private cabins). Small groups are welcome on any of our open dates.

… Full Group packages - Groups of 10 (or more) may reserve an exclusive week on the Blackwater Explorer with private cabins for each angler at our normal double occupancy pricing.  If reserved in advance of individual bookings and if so requested, the yacht will be closed off to all other anglers. Please call well in advance of your desired date to ensure availability.

Charters and custom trips - The Blackwater Explorer is available for special charters both during and outside of our regular fishing schedule. Please call for availability and pricing.

Short trips - Short trips can be arranged at certain times during our fishing season. Please call for availability and details.

No matter how you structure your trip, the Blackwater Explorer provides the highest quality in fishing trips, service, food and drink. Acute Angling consistently earns its reputation as the best fishing trip operator in the Amazon.