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Our Expert Peacock Bass Fishing Guides

Our guides are, simply put, the best peacock bass fishermen you'll ever encounter and unequivocally the best in the business. All have had careful training with up to 20 years of experience. They are experts with both fly and conventional tackle and they are pleased to provide limitless assistance and guidance to their angling clients.  They’ll change your lures, they’ll tie your knots, they’ll land your fish and they’ll make certain you succeed!

Adilson — Popcorn

Altemar - Amazon Fishing Trip Guide

Saba — Sebastião

Saba - Will teach you how to catch Peacock Bass


Branco - Experienced Amazon Fishing Guide


Estirao - offers tips on catching giant peacock bass


Antonio - experienced guide on Amazon fishing trips


Pingo - peacock bass fishing expert


Sidoka - peacock bass guide


Gladimir - guide for Amazon fish species and fishing trips

Blackwater Explorer Support Staff

Our Peacock Bass Fishing Trips Support Staff

Experts in boat handling and placement, fish location, lure selection, tackle, technique,and every aspect of peacock bass fishing, our incredibly helpful and knowledgeable guides are an important key to your fishing success.

Let Acute Angling take you on the fishing trip of a lifetime!