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The Blackwater Explorer Yacht

The Best Peacock Bass Fishing Value in the Amazon

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Our food is so good and the variety is so great, that we're proud to include a sample of our menu for your review. Come and join us for the incredible peacock bass fishing and be amazed by the quality, quantity and flavor of our meals. You'll love the food, the experience and the service on the Blackwater Explorer.

Sunday - Breakfast Menu and Lunch Options

There are always a wide array of choices for your hot, sit-down breakfast in our comfortable dining room. After breakfast, you can pack a sumptuous boxed lunch to sustain your energy for fighting those powerful and demanding peacock bass all day long!

Lunch Options

Sunday - Appetizers and Dinner Options

After an exciting day of exploring the Amazon, anglers can kick back and relax, enjoying superior food and drink. Evenings are when our menu really has an opportunity to shine.



Dinner (Full Courses) with Options

Entrees - Enjoy any or all of these delicious entrees, don't be shy about seconds and thirds

Side Dishes - Go ahead, Heap on the sides, all that fishing is sure to burn the calories.

Blackwater Explorer guests have only one problem with our delicious meals;
How to avoid returning home ten pounds heavier!!

Let Acute Angling take you on the fishing trip of a lifetime!