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Safety and Comfort - Our Prime Considerations

Waterproof Compartments

The Blackwater Explorer is all wood, built to withstand the rigors of long travel and heavy use in Amazon waters. With its dense, itauba wood displacement style hull, the Explorer can safely navigate the sandbars and shallow obstructions characteristic of Amazon waters. Divided into three independent compartments by waterproof bulkheads, the Explorer is one of the safest and most stable vessels you'll ever travel on.

Satellite Trackers

All of our fishing boats are equipped with satellite messaging and Garmin ‘InReach’ GPS tracking devices. If an emergency arises, we’re ready to handle it immediately. We know where you are and what your status is all the time.

LifeboatsLifeboats on the Blackwater Explorer, the peacock bass mothership


Life jackets for use on our peacock bass fishing trips

 Sanitary Systems

Acute Angling is committed to conserving the Amazon's purity as well as ensuring our guest's comfort. So we've taken steps to ensure that our vessel is not only trimmed in green, but is "green" in every ecological sense of the word. The Explorer does not release effluents into Amazon waters. Two 4000 liter holding tanks ensure that all waste water can be sanitarily disposed of between angling groups. Not only does this keep the river clean, but it ensures that the Explorer's immediate environs are clean and pure for bathing and swimming as well.

Main Engine

Fishing boat motor

We replace our drive motor routinely. Driven by a brand new for 2018, efficient, powerful and dependable MWM diesel engine, the Blackwater Explorer cruises efficiently at 10 mph and can reach an 18 mph top speed.

fishing boat mwm


Power outlets on our Amazon fishing trip mothership

The Blackwater Explorer provides full time 110 VAC electrical service. Lighting, auxiliary services and air conditioning are powered by one of our three diesel generators; 70kw main unit (2018), 70kw heavy duty backup (2016), and 15kw daytime appliance unit.

Generator use onboard the Blackwater explorer on all peacock bass fishing trips

Water & Health

To further ensure our guests comfort, the Explorer has no water storage tanks, where undesired impurities can collect. The Explorer's shower and tap water is drawn "on demand", from the world's purest waters.

Further, the Explorer uses only bottled mineral water for all cooking and drinking purposes. Even our ice is made from bottled water. That helps make us the healthiest boat in the Amazon.

Let Acute Angling take you on the fishing trip of a lifetime!