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The Blackwater Explorer Yacht

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On-board Staff and Crew

Although only our yacht is only nine years old, the Blackwater Explorer's management team has over two decades of experience operating peacock bass fishing trips. Not only is our staff highly trained and technically proficient, but every single member of our crew is there to see to it that you are served with a smile and that your experience on the Blackwater Explorer is an integral part of the fishing trip of a lifetime.

Barbara - Host/Interpreter

Barbara - Peacock Bass Fishing Trip host

Marizete - Chef/Manager

Marizete - Amazon Fishing Chef/Manager

Thaima - Assistant

Antonio - Waiter

Mineval - Waiter serving you on your Peacock Bass Trip

Tomas - Engineer/Mechanic

Reginaldo - Engineer/Mechanic on the Black Water Explorer

Isaias - Assistant

Sidine - Assistant

Norberto - Partner/Operations Director

Norberto - Partner/Director for our Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Expeditions

Paul - Partner/President

Paul - Partner/Development and World Renown Expert on Peacock Bass

Let Acute Angling take you on the fishing trip of a lifetime!