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How to Win

There are Two ways to Win!

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We will award two first prizes of a free trip to any one of our three operations (your choice).  One first prize will be awarded by the frequency with which an entry (the contestant’s Photo Gallery) is viewed; call it winning by “Quantity”.  One first prize will be awarded by the opinions of a panel of judges, based on the entry’s interest, uniqueness, creativity or sheer attractiveness; call it winning by “Quality”.  Second and third prizes will be awarded in the same fashion — one half by “Quantity”, one half based on “Quality”.  There are twenty valuable prizes in all with 2 ways to win them.  You’ll never find a contest that gives you better odds or more options!

How to Win by “Quantity”

Each Gallery is equipped with a counter that records all unique views of each picture in the Gallery. A view will therefore be considered a vote. Online voting occurs by counting the number of photo views for each Gallery. The counter will reject repeated views from repeated IP addresses.  Further, the judges have the right to reject votes that are perceived to be made or gained fraudulently (see contest terms and conditions).  So play fair.  Ten entries will win prizes based on quantity of views. Here’s how to win;

  1. Get your friends to view your Gallery; Share it on Facebook; Tweet it out there; call everyone you know and otherwise promote it to the best of your ability. 
  2. Work on your Gallery.  If you are busily adding to, updating and improving your gallery, more views are possible.
  3. Post as many good photos as possible.  A gallery with 50 photos can generate more views than a gallery with 5.  Make it good.

Here is how the contest is going so far in terms of “Quantity”:

First Place: Ralph Hayes

Second Place: Frank Cholewa

Third Place: Rick Klotz

How to Win by “Quality”

A panel of 5 independent judges will review each Gallery and rate it for its level of quality as defined by their personal preferences. Each judge will select a first place, second, third and so on, through 10th place, just as sports journalists do to elect baseball players to the Hall of Fame.  In that same fashion, the position votes will be valued and totaled to determined the winner in each place. Ten entries will win prizes based on Quality.  Here’s how to win;

  1. Make it interesting — tell a story so viewers are motivated to see it all the way through.
  2. Use Titles and Captions well — Explain what we’re seeing in an interesting, understandable way.
  3. Use good photos — avoid space fillers with no interest, avoid poorly focused or framed photos.
  4. Make the viewer understand why this trip, or experience or lifestyle is important to you.
  5. Make the viewer want to share your experience or your fishing trip or understand why you want to win a trip back.

Have Fun with it!

Whatever way you choose to try to win, realize that even if you don’t win, you’ve just had an opportunity to relive your experience and share it with others. The Gallery is yours even after the contest is over. Be proud of your creation and keep it improving.  There’s no better way to tell someone of your experience than by showing your own polished photo tour of it.

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