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If you’re an Acute Angler, simply post a Photo Gallery. Voila! You are eligible!

Acute Angling Peacock Bass Photo Gallery

Our unique client Photo Gallery went live on our website last fall.  Over fifty Acute Angling clients have already opened a personal photo gallery on our website, posting hundreds of excellent Amazon fishing photos. All of these anglers are now eligible to win one of 2 free trips and 18 more great prizes!  You can be eligible too!

We want our website to be a place where our clients can share their Amazon experiences, photographic expertise and fishing mojo with the world!  So, in order to bring our fishing family more closely together and provide everyone who’s ever fished with us an opportunity to tell their Amazon tales, we’ve opened a new contest only for anglers who’ve already fished with Acute Angling or will be fishing with us this coming season!  Win a trip to return for free!

Acute Angling Peacock Bass Photo Gallery

If you’ve already fished with us, simply open a gallery, post your selected photos and let the world know it’s there. If you’re booked for this season, simply do the same once you return from your trip.  Those are the only requirements to enter the contest.  First prize is a free Acute Angling Amazon fishing trip of your choice!  We will provide a first prize to the gallery that has received the most views and another first prize to the gallery judged to be most interesting, artistic or attractive by a panel of judges. You can pick a consistently productive peacock bass trip on the Blackwater Explorer or pursue trophy peacocks on our Floating Bungalows or experience the pristine Rio Travessão on our Multi-species Variety trip at rustic Picapau Lodge.  There are six second prizes of $1000 discount certificates and 12 third prizes of free specialized tackle packages. 20 prizes in all.  Your chances of winning are extremely high, since only anglers who have fished with us in the past or during this upcoming season can have a Gallery.

The contest will run until  April 1st of 2018.  For those of you with a trip scheduled next season, take good photos.  For those of you who have already fished with us, get started on your gallery right now and polish it with good titles and captions.  Let your social media friends know it’s there and get your friends to visit!  If you've fished with us, Request a Gallery to get your personal Photo Gallery underway!

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