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Seminars about the Amazon, the fish and fishing techniques are available on many of our trips.

Every business claims that they're the best, that they go the extra mile and all the rest of the marketing buzzwords we expect. Frankly, that’s precisely how we also describe our product. But we actually do those things! We provide extra services, unique options and exclusive opportunities to our clients;

Some extras, like our attention to detail, our pre-trip services, our single layer of responsibility and our remarkably fair and just terms and conditions are not so visible until you examine them carefully and compare us with others. Some are part of our extensive “all-inclusive” package, delivered with our “turn-key preparatory services” and are simply included from the moment you sign up for a trip. Some, are included as part of our trips, like catfishing, indigenous village visits, jungle hikes, seminars, shore lunches, spotlighting adventures and Brazilian barbeques and more. But, some of our extras and options are seen, felt and experienced separately, so we've outlined a few of them for your information in this section. Simply click on the options in the menu to the left to learn more about us, the extras we provide and how we actually do go the extra mile.

COVID-19 Safety — Your health and well-being is our priority. 

The world has become a bit more complicated. - We humans haven’t seen circumstances like these in over 100 years — the 1918 influenza pandemic. Yes, that settled down long ago, but the flu is still with us and still an important consideration in our world. Today, COVID-19 has become our greatest health threat, although with vaccines, protective protocols and palliatives we have begun to send it into the background as we did the flu. But just like the flu, it isn’t gone yet and maybe never will be. Nonetheless, the world is slowly reopening and life goes on. Today, travel takes more effort and more care by travelers and providers alike.  Here’s what we’ve done to make sure you are safe and secure on your journey.

  • Cleveland Clinic protocols. The Adventure Travel and Tourism Association has adopted and fine-tuned the Cleveland Clinic’s COVID-19 protocols.  We have adapted them precisely to our fishing operations and we practice these protocols on all of our Amazon trips.
  • Vaccinations. Every Acute Angling staff member is vaccinated. Amazonas state and the city of Manaus have progressed rapidly with vaccination. Today, the region has among the world’s highest vaccination rate, surpassing the U.S. in percentage of vaccinated individuals. The region is the safest it has been since this all began. 
  • Remote and safe locations. We fish in some of the world’s most remote locations. The jungle is COVID free.

    Acute Angling’s Amazon trips have been adjusted to meet the world’s new reality and to ensure our angler’s safety. Contact us for more information.
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Based on the Cleveland Clinic’s protocols, we take every precaution to ensure your health and safety.
  • Cleveland Clinic Protocols.
  • 100% Fully Vaccinated staff.
  • Pre-travel testing assistance.
  • Remote and safe fishing locations.
  • Pre-return testing on-site.
  • Travel Insurance, with international healthcare coverage.
  • Full contingency plan.
     Links for current information:

Current COVID status in Amazonas/Manaus

Current COVID status in Brazil

Current vaccination status, worldwide



Air Travel has become more complicated too -We can no longer just hop on a plane and fly anywhere in the world.  Governments have implemented new regulations. Airlines are changing schedules. Testing has become the new norm. Our turn-key packages have been adjusted to make your travel as easy as possible in our world’s current reality.  Here’s what we’ve done to make sure your travel is as easy and trouble-free as possible. 

  • A dedicated travel representative. We provide a complete, cost-free, travel service to help you select and book the best flights for you. If airlines change flights, schedules or even cancel, our travel rep can quickly make the changes necessary to get you to us on time.
  • Pre-travel testing assistance. Until things change, you’ll need a negative COVID-19 test before boarding an international flight. We can help you locate a provider near you.
  • Travel Insurance Coverage. Acute Angling’s insurance provider (for anglers under 75) provides international healthcare coverage and will protect you if you cannot travel.
  • Return testing. We have contracted with a clinical laboratory in Manaus to ensure economical and timely testing that complies with current requirements for your return home. You are sampled immediately upon your charter flight return.
  • We have a contingency plan. Although it has never happened since our return to operation, if an angler were to test positive prior to departure for home, we have a thorough contingency plan in place.

    Acute Angling monitors current regulations and flight availability to facilitate our angler’s compliance with commercial air travel requirements. 

Kayak Fishing in the Amazon

Blending the Ultimate in Exotic Fishing with High-Adventure Paddle Sport.

Amazon Peacock Bass Kayak Fishing
We’ve added another dimension to our already exciting adventures – kayak fishing in the Amazon

Acute Angling is recognized as the Amazon’s premiere provider of fishing trips for peacock bass and exotic Amazon gamefish species. We’re known for expending our efforts, first and foremost, to find the kind of extreme adventure fishing experience that is fast disappearing from our planet. We go where others can't or won't to give anglers the opportunity to experience a one-of-a-kind Amazon wilderness adventure. Now we’ve added another dimension to our already exciting adventures – kayak fishing in the Amazon.

Fully Equipped Ascend FS-10 Fishing Kayaks
Fully Equipped Ascend FS-10 Fishing Kayaks will prowl the Amazon for Exotic Species

Catching a powerful peacock bass, pugnacious payara or massive Amazon catfish is incredibly exciting, no matter how you approach it. So, imagine the intensity of experiencing this ultimate level of freshwater fishing up close and personal from a kayak! It is, simply put, the ultimate combination of primeval wilderness paddle-sport with exotic species angling. Acute Angling offers kayak fishing as a no cost option on all of its regularly scheduled Multi-species and Floating Bungalow fishing trips. We use fully equipped Ascend FS10 Sit-In Angling Kayaks. These are feature-packed boats designed for serious anglers, The FS10's advanced "V"-style hull design incorporates an extended keel with aggressive strakes and performance rocker for superior maneuverability, tracking, stability, and easy paddling on the water. The large open cockpit offers easy entry and exit with little restriction of movement while casting and retrieving. Deluxe seats provide an extremely comfortable ride and adjustable foot braces allow a comfortable fit for any size anglers. Bungees over the built-in multipurpose sternwell and bow make it easy to lock down your fishing gear while moving from spot to spot. A trained fishing guide with a motorized back-up bass boat and complete resources will always be near at hand to help with tackle, techniques or navigation and will always keep you in sight for any other assistance needed.

Here’s what one of our clients, said about his Amazon kayak fishing adventure on our Rio Travessao multi-species variety trip;

Peacock Bass Kayak Fishing on The Rio Travessao
The Rio Travessao offers kayak anglers the best of both worlds … awesome fish and spectacular waters.

We get up at sunrise, my guide takes me five miles up river in our fishing boat. I slide into my kayak as the guide moves the aluminum bass boat away … then abruptly comes back and shakes my hand like he will never see me again. Wow! This is surreal! All alone...200 miles from civilization. I’m a little uneasy. Then, on my very first cast I hook a monster Peacock … It pulls the kayak around like its nothing. The feeling of landing it all by myself with no guide is exhilarating.


Catching peacock bass, wolfish, bicuda and others in an Ascend FS-10 kayak
Sandy caught peacock bass, wolfish, bicuda and more from his kayak. Anglers fish from stable and fully equipped Ascend FS-10 sit-in fishing kayaks.

For a while afterwards, I just drifted taking it all in … Me and the river …. howler monkeys, caiman, river otters, hundreds of butterflies, macaws, a toucan … things you would never see if you were in a noisy motorboat The guys in the bass boats may have caught a few more fish but they missed out on the experience of a lifetime. This one day was worth the whole trip and will forever be etched in my memories as the best day of my life! Totally Awesome! Thank you! This separates the men from the boys:) Sandy Blauvelt, TX

Kayak fishing in our lowlands peacock bass fishery
The peaceful waters of our lowlands peacock bass fishery will lull you into a paddler’s reverie — until the explosion of a monster peacock bass shocks you into awareness!

Our floating bungalow camp offers kayaks and takes you away from the crowds. Here, kayak anglers can paddle their way down calm lowlands rivers and fish in placid lagoons and backwaters. But that’s where the peacefulness ends, however. Once you hook up with a big, psychotic peacock bass, you’ll understand why kayak fishing is more like hand-to-hand combat than anything you’ll experience on a bass boat.

The Rio Travessao
The Rio Travessao has it all… fast-moving descents, rocky-defiles, placid back-waters and still pools.

Our Exotic Species Lodge in the protected Rio Travessão features an amazing array of fierce fishes of the Amazon; Saber-toothed payara; giant wolfish; feisty peacock bass; acrobatic bicuda; chunky pacu; ponderous redtail cats; agile sorubim and the Amazon’s biggest goliath catfish, the gigantic piraiba. Here, kayakers and anglers will find not only extreme multi-species fishing opportunities, but also a challenging, rapids-laced, waterway. There has never been a kayak fishing trip like this! If having real adventure in your travel is your idea of a good time, then this is the ultimate in adventure travel!

Kayak fishing is available to anglers at no extra charge, but should be requested in advance. For more information about Acute Angling and our Amazon fishing trips, and for any questions, specific information about kayak fishing or to arrange a trip, please call us, toll-free at 866 832-2987 or contact us via email.

Kayak fishing for peacocks is a question of who is catching whom… a big peacock will tow you behind! But if you land it, the result is a kayak selfie.
A peacock bass caught from a kayak on the Rio Travessao

Acute Angling’s Amazon Explorations

Amazon Exploratory Fishing Trips
Sometimes our explorations find unbelievable and unexpected sights — sometimes they are also a limit to how far we can go.

The term “Exploratory Trip” has been used to describe just about any kind of Amazonian travel - from Teddy Roosevelt’s famous jungle journey to a luxury sightseeing cruise. But we’re fishermen and what we care about is finding fish. So, this section is devoted to describing our unique exploratory trips and clearly defining how they work and what they entail.

I’m an impatient fisherman and it's the impatient fisherman's dream to go where the fish don't make you wait. That's why the most unexplored and unknown regions are always my first choice. Every time I hit a stretch of new water, my eyes open wide and my fishing antennae go up? Who knows? This just might be the place where I end up surrounded by schools of aggressive, swirling, feeding fish, all of them, just as impatient as I am. Find out more and perhaps you’ll join us on our next exploratory journey.

Warning - Exploratory trips are not for everyone. They can sometimes include basic accommodations, simple meals, untrained staff, and unpredictable itineraries. You’ve got to be in it for the adventure or you’re better off with our tried and true scheduled trips.

How Do the Exploratory Trips Work?

Scouting out the fishing deep in the Amazon
Before any large scale exploration is planned, the Acute Angling team generally operates a short preliminary exploration, often checking out a location with nothing more than a boat full of camping gear and their fishing tackle.

Over the years we’ve operated several dozen exploratory trips. Some have been fantastic, providing us with new fisheries (like the Rio Travessao or the Rio Curicuriari), while some have shown us that the waters we’ve explored just don’t hold up to the standards of productivity we demand. So, we’ve learned to do our exploring in two stages.

Our first stage is generally a quick (3 days or so) visit, usually just a core Acute Angling team, but sometimes we invite a client or two. We eat fish, sleep in a tent or hammock and take care of our personal ablutions off in the woods … and we fish. As you might imagine, we’ve done this a few times before and we’re pretty quick about taking the measure of a place. If we’re catching the type of fish we seek and enough of them, we have the baseline information to determine that a more detailed effort is justified.

Amazon Exploratory Fishing Trip Camp
Sometimes exploratory trip accommodations are pretty simple — a few tents on a beach and a floatplane to get you there.

That leads to a full scale exploration, the type we invite anglers to join us on. Sometimes the accommodations are basic; as in safari style tents. Sometimes we are able to move in with more comfortable accommodations; such as our floating bungalows or an air-conditioned boat. We use the mechanism that provides us with the best access to the fishery.

We usually plan on three or four weeks and up to eight anglers per week. This is the true test of a fishery. How will it hold up to pressure? What have we learned that we didn’t see on our preliminary visit? What species are we finding? Is this a place that deserves to become part of our regular schedule? We figure it out together. Our exploratory anglers always have a very special Amazon experience. They enjoy a visit to a unique, pristine river, catch a species mix they might never otherwise encounter and take away lifelong memories. Even when they don’t lead to new destinations, our exploratory trips always provide first class fishing adventure. Who knows where we'll be the next year?

Fly-in Floating Bungalow Amazon Exploratory Fishing Trip Camp
Sometimes things are a bit more civilized, like when we use our comfortable air-conditioned floating bungalow cabins.

Watch for our newsletters or updates to the "Our Trips" section to learn about where we’re going next and what's available. Or just give us a call, toll free at - 866 832-2987. We'll be happy to tell you all about it. Whether it's right for you or not, is a question you'll have to determine. What is unquestionable, however, is that no one but Acute Angling offers you extraordinary opportunities such as this. We go where no one else dares.


Want to hear about someone’s exploratory experience? Read Steve Townson’s article about his adventures on our Exploratory trip to the Rio Pacu a few years ago.

New - Acute Angling Photo Gallery

See what our Amazon anglers have caught; or show off your Amazon catch.

Amazon Photo Gallery
Acute Angling’s Amazon adventurers can create their own, online photo gallery and share it with whomever they wish.

Anglers take lots of photos — to remember their experiences, to capture the spectacular scenes and scenery and to share them with others. We’ve helped with those goals a bit in the past by publishing some of your trophy shots in our newsletter and throughout our website, but now we’ve taken it to the next level. All Acute Angling clients now have access to their own Acute Angling Photo Gallery account, where they can share their images. They can share only with select people they invite, or they can make them available to the entire fishing universe of the internet. Acute anglers can show the world their trophies, their memories and their artistic impressions … but most of all, they can share their Amazon fishing mojo!

If you have fished with us, you can request your own personal gallery by clicking below;

Contact us

Arapaima Day Trip

New Guaranteed hook-up, Catch up to 3 big arapaima per day in our exclusive fishery. Plus—Tambaqui, Matrinchão, Cara, Pacu, small peacocks

Once again, we've found a way to provide our Acute Anglers with special options and special treatment. We've created a brand new 1-day arapaima add-on to any of our regular trips, and we guarantee at least one hook-up!

185 pound arapaima
We’ve caught them over 225 pounds here. This guy was 185.

Arapaima can be tough. Most of the waters that hold them are loaded with food and are replenished each year by the flood pulse. By the time these beasts start getting hungry, the rains come and they leave their temporary dry season lakes to rejoin the river-spanning flooded forests. Under these conditions arapaima are choosy and lazy, preferring slow moving baitfish and inhalable shrimp. They just won’t bother with artificial baits under these conditions. But we never stop searching—we’re always looking for the next fishing opportunity. In a recent exploratory, we found a great solution; a chain of 5 isolated lakes independent of the floodplain; fishable during our entire season and with hungry fish that take lures and flies!

Did I say they take lures and flies? You can bet on it and we will! (presuming you have at least a basic ability to deliver a lure). If you don’t hook up at least once, we’ll refund your entire trip cost! If you don’t hook up at least twice or land at least one fish we’ll give back half the trip cost. How’s that for a guarantee! Here’s why we’re so confident. In the first morning of our exploratory here we quickly probed three of the five lakes and hooked up with big arapaima on swimming plugs, jigs and flies. Better yet, they just crushed Zara Spooks, exploding on them the way you’d expect a 100 pound peacock would (if a 100 pound peacock existed, that is)! We hooked up 9 times between two anglers with huge adult fish from 80 to 200 pounds, all in a single morning. We were so taken with this fishery that we spent the afternoon hiking around and figuring out how our anglers would best access each of the five lakes.

A fisheries census taken on these lakes shows the total population of adult arapaima here to be around 1000 fish. We’ve set a daily limit of three fish per angler to protect this fishery, so it will be a long, long time before they start wising up to anglers. We think we’re making a pretty safe bet, so we’ll continue to offer our guarantee.

What happens if you limit out on arapaima? Why you simply switch tactics and gear and fish for big tambaqui, chunky cara açu, pacu and small peacock bass. You can even take an ultralight spinner or bring a light fly rod and fish for matrinchão. Catch all you can. You’ll have the rest of the fishing day full of unusual fish to add to your list.

We want to protect this fishery. Arapaima are notorious for succumbing to excessive stress and handling, so we’ve instituted a 3 per angler per day limit. We want to minimize breakoffs or extended struggles, so we’re providing the rods and reels and line (you may bring your own only if it has the same or better capability). Fish must remain in the water to be unhooked by your guide; you may join in for photographs and the release if you wish. Your English-speaking guide will make sure you are successful and help with all fish handling aspects of the day.

Here’s the program. This one-day trip is only available as an add-on to an Acute Angling trip. It is not available to other anglers. The trip includes:

  1. One extra night at our Manaus home base hotel
  2. Pick up and return to our Manaus home base hotel (approx. 1 hour drive time).
  3. Delicious lunch, Amazon style.
  4. One day guided fishing.
  5. All conventional rods, reels, line. Not included: lures, fly fishing gear.

We have negotiated an exclusive agreement for this privately owned fishery and it will be available throughout our entire fishing season as an add-on to any of our four fishing trip types. Price per angler is $1250 USD. Anglers will fish two to a boat with a Brazilian guide. We prefer to limit access to 2 anglers per day if at all possible, so dates should be arranged well in advance to be certain you can adjust your travel and attach this side-trip successfully to your existing trip schedule.

Call us, toll-free, for more information. — 866 832-2987

Tackle-box.net — A Convenience for our Clients… at Lower Prices than even the Big Guys.

If we suggest it, you’ll find it here.

Our Tackle-box website offers pre-assembled lure and terminal tackle packages for each of our destinations; so you don’t have to do the research or the searching. You’ll find broad spectrum packages that include everything you might need for any set of conditions … or you can select economical packages equipped with just the most needed items. Want to purchase your own specialized rods and reels … we’ve got them. Want to put an entire rig together … we’ve got that too!

Peacock Bass fishing in the Amazon is an altogether different activity than largemouth bass fishing and calls for different lures, lines and gear than what’s typically found in most angler’s tackle boxes. Although we provide all of our anglers with a full suite of top-quality fishing gear as part of their turn-key trip package, many anglers want to bring their own. So, as a service to those anglers, we’ve taken the extra step to make sure you easily find what you need … organized for your convenience … and at a better price than anywhere else! If we suggest it, you’ll find it at Tackle-box.net.

Confused about the right tackle for your trip? Check out our specialized tackle packages.
We’ve done the searching and organizing for you put it all together into convenient angler’s packages.