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New Guaranteed hook-up, Arapaima Add-On
Catch up to 3 big arapaima per day in our exclusive fishery

Plus—Tambaqui, Matrinchão, Cara, Pacu, small peacocks

Once again, we've found a way to provide our Acute Anglers with special options and special treatment. We've created a brand new 1-day arapaima add-on to any of our regular trips, and we guarantee at least one hook-up!

This big arapaima was caught on a small, live catfish.

Arapaima can be tough. Most of the waters that hold them are loaded with food and are replenished each year by the flood pulse. By the time these beasts start getting hungry, the rains come and they leave their temporary dry season lakes to rejoin the river-spanning flooded forests. Under these conditions arapaima are choosy and lazy, preferring slow moving baitfish and inhalable shrimp. They just won’t bother with artificial baits under these conditions. But we never stop searching—we’re always looking for the next fishing opportunity. In a recent exploratory, we found a great solution; a chain of 5 isolated lakes independent of the floodplain; fishable during our entire season and with hungry fish that take lures and flies!

Did I say they take lures and flies? You can bet on it and we will! (presuming you have at least a basic ability to deliver a lure). If you don’t hook up at least once, we’ll refund your entire trip cost! If you don’t hook up at least twice or land at least one fish we’ll give back half the trip cost. How’s that for a guarantee! Here’s why we’re so confident. In the first morning of our exploratory here we quickly probed three of the five lakes and hooked up with big arapaima on swimming plugs, jigs and flies. Better yet, they just crushed Zara Spooks, exploding on them the way you’d expect a 100 pound peacock would (if a 100 pound peacock existed, that is)! We hooked up 9 times between two anglers with huge adult fish from 80 to 200 pounds, all in a single morning. We were so taken with this fishery that we spent the afternoon hiking around and figuring out how our anglers would best access each of the five lakes.

A fisheries census taken on these lakes shows the total population of adult arapaima here to be around 1000 fish. We’ve set a daily limit of three fish per angler to protect this fishery, so it will be a long, long time before they start wising up to anglers. We think we’re making a pretty safe bet, so we’ll offer our guarantee for the entire 2018/2019 season here.

What happens if you limit out on arapaima? Why you simply switch tactics and gear and fish for big tambaqui, chunky cara açu, pacu and small peacock bass. You can even take an ultralight spinner or bring a light fly rod and fish for matrinchão. Catch all you can. You’ll have the rest of the fishing day full of unusual fish to add to your list.

We want to protect this fishery. Arapaima are notorious for succumbing to excessive stress and handling, so we’ve instituted a 3 per angler per day limit. We want to minimize breakoffs or extended struggles, so we’re providing the rods and reels and line (you may bring your own only if it has the same or better capability). Fish must remain in the water to be unhooked by your guide; you may join in for photographs and the release if you wish. Your English-speaking guide will make sure you are successful and help with all fish handling aspects of the day.

Here’s the program. This one-day trip is only available as an add-on to an Acute Angling trip. It is not available to other anglers. The trip includes:

  1. One extra night at the Nobilé hotel
  2. Pick up and return to the Nobilé (approx. 1 hour drive time).
  3. Delicious lunch, Amazon style.
  4. One day guided fishing.
  5. All conventional rods, reels, line. Not included: lures, fly fishing gear.

We have negotiated an exclusive agreement for this privately owned fishery and it will be available throughout our entire fishing season as an add-on to any of our three fishing trip types. Price per angler is $1250 USD. Anglers will fish two to a boat with a Brazilian guide. We prefer to limit access to 2 anglers per day if at all possible, so dates should be arranged well in advance to be certain you can adjust your travel and attach this side-trip successfully to your existing trip schedule.

Call us for more information. 

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