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A Convenience for our Clients … at Lower Prices than even the Big Guys.

If we suggest it, you’ll find it here.

Peacock Bass fishing in the Amazon is an altogether different activity than largemouth bass fishing and calls for different lures, lines and gear than what’s typically found in most angler’s tackle boxes. Although we provide all of our anglers with a full suite of top-quality fishing gear as part of their turn-key trip package, many anglers want to bring their own.  So, as a service to those anglers, we’ve taken the extra step to make sure you easily find what you need … organized for your convenience … and at a better price than anywhere else!  If we suggest it, you’ll find it at Tackle-box.net.

Peacock Bass Fishing kayak
We’ve done the searching and organizing for you put it all together into convenient angler’s packages.

Our Tackle-box website offers pre-assembled lure and terminal tackle packages for each of our destinations; so you don’t have to do the research or the searching.  You’ll find broad spectrum packages that include everything you might need for any set of conditions … or you can select economical packages equipped with just the most needed items. Want to purchase your own specialized rods and reels … we’ve got them.  Want to put an entire rig together … we’ve got that too!


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