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Why are so many of Acute Angling's fishing trips less expensive, yet more productive than others?

Acute Angling is very different from other sites you may visit promoting peacock bass and other exotic fishing trips. Most other websites and organizations offering these trips operate only as booking agencies. They receive a commission, as would any travel agent, and they send you off on trips offered by an independent outfitter or fishing company. Quite often, they have no knowledge or experience about your destination. They take your money and send you off with their best wishes.

We are vertically integrated as a single business entity. This removes layers of commission and the need for a tiered system of businesses to deliver a single trip — thus removing the need for multiple layers of profitability. We own, operate, outfit and organize only our own exclusive and unique programs — so, not only are our trips less expensive, but they are more productive — because we go with you. These featured trips are personally hosted by Paul Reiss, Wellington Melo, Brabara Francisca or one of our other experienced bilingual hosts, and are directly organized by us. When you fish with Acute Angling, you won't find yourself up some remote river without the proverbial paddle. We personally manage our trips and are on-site, fishing with you. We can help with fishing techniques, tackle and a variety of extras that no absentee agency can provide. With Acute Angling, you have an operator who speaks your language and is dedicated to making your trip a success.

Step 1. - For Fishing Trip Information - First select the type of trip: For specific trip type and facility information, select the its link.

Yacht Trips - Peacock Bass - Living aboard the beautiful "Blackwater Explorer" yacht, a comfortable, air-conditioned mother ship and then fishing every day from stable aluminum bass boats offers the best of both worlds. The yacht-based trips boast both incredible mobility and relaxed comfort. Water levels and fishing conditions often change on a weekly basis in the Amazon. A mobile mother ship operation can keep its clients in productive water despite changing conditions.

Floating Bungalow Camp - Trophy Peacock Bass - Our floating bungalow camp is one of the most versatile tools in our arsenal of peacock bass access techniques. Needing only a foot of water to navigate, our floating bungalow camp can find its way to the farthest reaches of headwaters fisheries. Where other operations can’t go, our floating bungalow camp provides the perfect blend of mobility and infrastructure to ensure that we can provide the ultimate fishing experience with surprising comfort and total security.

Lodges - Multi-Species Variety Fishing - Lodge accommodations offer comfortable, air-conditioned lodging, private bathrooms, showers and all the comforts of home. Our new, Rio Travessão lodge is located in one of the Amazon’s most inaccessible areas. Floatplane access allows anglers to experience this primeval wilderness and its exotic multi-species fishery while remaining comfortable and secure.

Exploratory Trips - We're always looking for great new fisheries. Each year we explore one or more untested rivers. When we find one with potential, we organize an exploratory trip, sometimes limited to 4 to 6 adventurous anglers, sometimes for several weeks running. Exploratory trips are designed with the hard-core, adventurous angler in mind, accessing the most inaccessible waters in the Amazon. Although the accommodations are often basic Safari-Style Camps, the sky's the limit when it comes to the fishing opportunities.

Mixed Species - Many of our destinations offer exceptional variety. Want payara, giant catfish and peacock bass, wolfish (trairão) and more, then the Rio Travessão is the place for you. How about peacock bass, aruana, redtail catfish and more. We've got a place for that as well. All of these destinations are wildly different. Call us and let's discuss what's right for you.


Step 2. - Then select the date that works for you:

Blackwater Explorer Yacht
Floating Bungalow Camps
Exotic Multi-Species Lodge
Exploratory Trip
Scheduled Trips operated by Acute Angling:

Look over our schedule by clicking the links at left. Each trip type listed has a range of available dates. See what works best for you, then either contact us or come back to this page and continue on below to Step 3.

Please note - There are currently several international carriers accessing Manaus, Brazil, each with varying individual flight schedule options. Therefore, all trip dates shown in this schedule refer to the dates on which a trip departs Manaus for the fishery via charter and the dates on which it returns to Manaus from the fishery. Trip dates shown do not consider air-travel from your point of departure to Manaus. As part of our fishing trip program, Acute Angling provides a complete suite of travel services to support your fishing trip. We will be happy to coordinate and book all aspects of your air travel, as well as handle all visa, travel insurance and tackle needs you may have. Please contact us for more information.

Step 3. - Contact us by telephone, e-mail or regular mail:

We'll provide expert guidance to help you sort out exactly which type of trip is right for you. We provide assistance with all aspects of trip preparation; ticketing; travel documents; insurance; gear preparation; For Groups - We provide special group arrangements and we'll help get your group organized, booked and ready to go; For Individuals - We'll help you match up with a fishing partner, or if desired we can arrange single occupancy accommodations. For all Anglers - We consider it our job to make sure that the fishing trip you experience matches your highest expectations.

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Acute Angling is owned and operated by serious international anglers for serious international anglers. We provide unmatched fishing and trip preparation services.  Acute Angling strives to exceed your angling expectations. We'll go that extra mile to ensure that in the end, you choose a destination that best matches your particular interests. Enjoy our articles, stories and information on accessing these remarkable fisheries. Perhaps we can fish together in the not-so-distant future . . .

We are pleased to be able to deliver the highest quality Amazon fishing trips — in the right place at the right time. References are available upon request.

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