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Well, what should a peacock bass trip cost? I guess it all depends on what you personally want and need. When you consider a trip's price, you must examine what you get for the money and you must be cognizant of your own expectations. We've seen trips offered for as little as $2,500 USD and for as much as $8,500 USD. What are you getting for these prices? Let's take a look.

The Cheapies - Honestly, these are probably not for you! Unless you're a native and prepared to handle your own logistics, you may never even get there! These lowest priced trips do not provide transfers or charter flights to the fishing locations and you'll likely need to make your own arrangements. And if you get there, unless you're a masochist and love discomfort, you may wish you'd never arrived! You'll likely stay in accommodations well below the low end of what you're used to or willing to accept.

Within this group, you can encounter a trip that will take you from Manaus by car to a nearby reservoir called Balbina. Small fish, heavy pressure - our advice - stay home - save up for a real peacock bass trip! You can encounter a trip that will make you find your own way to Barcelos then live aboard an open-air boat, sleep in a hammock and eat from a stewpot. Maybe this is your cup of tea, but we'll bet there's not even such a thing as a cup of tea aboard this vessel - our advice - stay home - save up for a reasonable peacock bass trip!

The Pricey Trips - Usually they're selling luxury. If you need it on a fishing trip, then this might actually be for you, but be warned - the fishing part is usually secondary! If a mothership is big enough to have a hot tub on deck, it's generally too big to go to the areas where the fishing is best. If the bass boats are carpeted and seat three across in armchairs, then they're probably too wide to get into the hidden lagoons where the fish remain unpressured and wild. Mostly, these trips are designed to be luxury cruises with fishing thrown in. They run an inexpensive, deep-water route, week after week, They are usually not aware of, willing to, or able to respond to changing conditions and find optimal fishing. These trips are rarely as productive as a trip focused on fishing first and foremost.

Big boats hold a lot of people too! If you're in a group of 20 or even 30 anglers, you might find that the advertised pristine waters you expected have been roiled into a froth by the constant passing of 90 horsepower bass boats. You might find that the 9 or 10 boats that got out ahead of you have already beaten the fishing waters into foam with their cadres of casters sucking up everything with fins. You might find that in spite of the luxury, this type of trip is not really very comfortable at all for an angler focused on fishing.

Pricey trips are also generally sold by a secondary level of trip seller, at least a tier or even two removed from the operator. Even with all of the excess frills, the logistical cost of delivering a formularized peacock bass trip with so many anglers just doesn't justify an  $8,000 USD price tag! Guess what, along with the frills, you're paying for the cost of sales, added layers of commission and fancy marketing - not the fishing.

The best value in the Amazon - Acute Angling is proud to offer a fairly priced peacock bass trip. Our trips fall in the middle of the price range, but produce better, are more comfortable and more complete than anyone else’s we know of. Depending on the trip type, all of our regularly scheduled trip prices range from $4,450 USD to $6,250. Take our Blackwater Explorer yacht for example; $4,850 for double occupancy, $5,350 for a private cabin. OK, we don't have a hot tub, but we have absolutely everything you need to have the most productive, most comfortable and most satisfying peacock bass trip possible. Our beautiful, 11 year old boat was designed by us for our purposes and built to fish, with a super shallow draft, an efficient angler flow and all of the comforts you could ask for; private bathrooms in each cabin, hot showers, individual air-conditioners, quality Gary Loomis, Okuma and Shimano fishing gear and the best food you're likely to encounter in any fishing operation anywhere in the world, on land or water! This is all delivered in a complete, full service, turn-key, all-inclusive package - We'll implement all airline bookings (unless requested not to), documents, services and guidance for all aspects of the trip. We provide all of the food, drink, open bar, boats, guides, rods, reels, lures, fishing license, trip insurance and even Global Rescue services as part of your trip package — all included at no extra cost!  And an owner or managing partner is always present to oversee the in-country Brazil side of our trips, ensuring that the trips are run in the highest quality fashion possible.

What about the other guys in our price range? By all means, check them out! Ask the right questions and find out what is provided and what isn't. Ask where they fish, where they resupply, what their group size is and how well they'll meet your needs and expectations.  Ask them if they include tackle, open bar, insurance. We're pretty sure you'll quickly realize they fall short of what we offer and charge more. Call us and we'll tell you everything you need to know about us. We'll walk you through the details and help you find which of our trips is exactly right for you.

Goldilocks had it right; she knew that too hot or too cold, too big or too small, too soft or too hard just wasn't what she wanted. She unerringly made the choice that was just right. When it comes to selecting a peacock bass trip, we know we'll be just right for you.

Let Acute Angling take you on the fishing trip of a lifetime!