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Here are just a few of our client's comments and testimonials, in their own words. If you'd like to contact them directly, please email or call us, toll-free at 866 832-2987, for their contact info.

Note - We don't provide it directly here, in order to protect their privacy and keep their email from becoming a spam magnet.

Comments - by Christi Bender, Coventryville, PA - from our post trip questionnaire; 
Christi travelled with us in September, 2014 on the Blackwater Explorer.

Accommodations – The comfort level on the Blackwater Explorer far exceeded what we thought we would have.  It was tight in the room, but plenty enough for what you do for 30 minutes when you are awake!  The clothes storage and daily laundry were really far beyond expectations! The air conditioning worked great and we were never too hot in our rooms. This was a welcome break from the heat of the day and made getting a good night’s sleep easy.

Service – Marcello (our waiter) was truly fabulous both greeting us after a day of fishing and taking care of us in the dining room.  Barbara (our host) was super friendly and her ability to speak English was very helpful. It was nice being able to communicate requests and comments to her easily.  And, her sense of humor was much appreciated as it was nice to have another woman on the boat!

Logistics – This was all done so seamlessly that I can’t really comment. That says a lot.

Boats and Equipment –  The Blackwater Explorer was far more comfortable than I originally thought it would be. The daily fishing boats were quite roomy, the ease of moving the seats from raised to lowered positions was great as was the size of the fishing platforms in the front and in the center.

Your catch – I had never fished more than 6 hours on one day…. One day in a row.  I seriously thought I would spend hours every day either back at the Blackwater Explorer or on an island in the shade with my Kindle. Instead, I couldn’t get enough of the fishing. Just toooo much fun!  I didn’t know what fish I would catch and I am more than thrilled with the variety, colors, patterns and sizes.  I didn’t know much about these fish as I am a very novice fisherwoman.  But I can tell you now that I have very little interest in fishing for anything other than Peacock Bass. I have been RUINED! 

Non fishing activities – The village walk and visit to the “Manioc Factory” was wonderful. I wish I would have known what other things to bring with me. I would have gladly brought more “goodies” for the villagers.  The caiman hunt was a good time…. And quite unexpected.  The seminars were amazing – there could have been more, but I don’t know what about. I didn’t do a Jungle Walk and that is my only regret. I want to make sure that is something that happens on my next trip

Your overall impression of the trip - I want to come back. I want to come back. I want to come back. Soon.  We are looking at our travel plans and we will be back to fish again! I have been telling EVERYONE that I know that likes to fish that this is worth the money, the time, the overall investment. It isn’t a question of whether it is worth it, it’s a question of what are you waiting for!! 

Would you consider being a reference for usABSOLUTELY. Especially if you had a couple contemplating this or a woman thinking about coming who wasn’t sure she would “fit in”.  Use my name on anything. You can use my email on printed material and you can give out my phone number privately.

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Comments - by Joe Fanelli, West Sacramento, CA - from an email;
Joe travelled with us in September, 2014 on our Rio Trombetas Exploratory trip.

"Superb trip Garry! Spending time with Paul was special.  A high point for me was catching over 20 peacocks on the fly rod.  The Guyana Shield exploratory adventure was great--especially the Pacu fishing in the waterfalls.  The camp was first class, as were the staff as well as the anglers.  I hope to fish again with you in 2015, especially if my son Michael is between jobs." Cheers, Joe

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Comments - from Jerry Livingston, Albuquerque, NM - from our post trip questionnaire;
Jerry travelled with us this past September, 2014 on the Blackwater Explorer.

"It was one of the best things I have checked off my bucket list!" Thanks, Jerry L. Livingston.

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Comments - from Pete Russo, Eagleville, PA - from our post trip questionnaire;
Pete travelled with us this past September, 2014 on the Blackwater Explorer.

"Great trip! I fished with 'Sa------a' (another operation) the first time. Your outfit is 10X better!"
Thanks, Pete Russo.

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