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OK, so why are we different or better than the rest and why should you book with us? Here are a just a few of the most important reasons.

1. We control our trips from top to bottom - We are the owner, operator, outfitter and organizer all rolled into a single entity. We are responsible for all aspects of our trips. If anything is ever not right, we'll correct it or make it good. We will take responsibility and make sure it's handled to your satisfaction. We believe that you deserve to get your money's worth and have your expectations met. There will never be any finger-pointing if you book with us because the only one we could ever point at would be ourselves!

2. We are a sportfishing operation, first and foremost - We are not a cruise provider with some fishing thrown in and we are not an over-sized luxury yacht that can't get out of its own way. We are not a chartered vessel that runs a weekly route on top of half a dozen others and we are not a marketing company that sells empty flash and dazzle. We are focused on providing a productive and satisfying fishing trip with all the creature comforts you could ever need. We go where the fishing is best regardless of the distance. Frankly, we are truly a finely honed fishing machine.

3. We go where the conditions are right - The Amazon is a huge place and fishing here is ruled by water levels. If water levels are right, fishing is great. If they're wrong, fishing is miserable. Our operations are highly mobile and we have no hesitation to go as far as is necessary to get to the right conditions. We are not tied to a single locale or route or resupply point (as are most operations). We resupply by mobile supply boat, anywhere we choose to go; and we go anywhere the water levels tell us to. We have no hesitation to burn diesel anytime it will make a positive difference in the fishing and the quality of our trips.

4. We are the world's leading authority on Amazon peacock bass - In fishing, knowledge is power! And we have the knowledge. With over twenty years experience pursuing giant peacock bass and with a PhD specialized in Neotropical Ichthyology at the head of our organization, we understand our quarry and we give you the power to maximize your fishing success.

5. We provide a complete, turn-key, all-inclusive trip package - There are no loose ends with Acute Angling. With over twenty-five years of experience, we're pretty sure we've already made every mistake in the book … and we won't make them again! And we won't let you make them either. We will walk you through every aspect of your trip and furnish the services and support necessary to put everything into place. As part of our turn-key packages, we provide direct access to complete travel document services and complete travel booking services; no need to start looking for help elsewhere.  As part of our all-inclusive package we provide; complete travel insurance and Global Rescue services; we’ll outfit you with every bit of tackle you need; we will get your fishing license; we will handle special needs; we will provide you with comprehensive pre-trip information; and we are just a phone call away to answer any question or provide any assistance you might need.

6. Our operations are extremely comfortable - Our beautiful Blackwater Explorer yacht is an amazingly comfortable home base. She boasts spacious private bathrooms with separated hot showers in each cabin. The cabins each open to the outside and are equipped with individually thermostatted split unit air-conditioners and comfortable beds. Our floating bungalows sport the same amenities and are even more spacious. Our remote and exotic multi-species variety trip, in the middle of a primeval forest, boasts a comfortable, air-conditioned lodge, complete with en-suite bathrooms and separate shower stalls. Our new Blackwater Adventurer floating hotel offers unique maximized fishing capability with luxurious comfort.  Even our safari camp is more comfortable than you might expect, with real mattresses in our seven foot high tents, fans, lighting and electrical outlets in each unit. All of our operations include a fully equipped kitchen; we even bake our own bread. Your job in each of our operations is to eat, drink, sleep, fish and enjoy the fishing trip of a lifetime.

7. All aspects of our trips are top shelf - We provide quality Okuma, Power Pro and Shimano fishing gear. Our wines are selected for their recognized quality featuring Argentine Malbecs, Portuguese Alentejos and Chilean Cabernets ... And our food is second to none. We have been told by a group of restaurant-owning anglers that they've never enjoyed better food on any hunting or fishing trip they've ever experienced. We take that as the sincerest possible endorsement and we know that you'll agree once you too experience it.

8. We have old fashioned morals and a modern business model - We believe that if we offer the best product that can be offered and that if we deliver it with diligence and honesty, then customers will have a simple choice and one they can depend on ... kind of like in days gone by. We also know that we need a structure that lets us deliver on our promises, so we are vertically integrated, like many of the world's most successful organizations. We are willing to make a promise to you, take the responsibility to deliver it honestly and ensure that we have the resources to support it.

9. We provide a broad Amazon experience - Our staff understands that you want to see, feel and hear the Amazon, its wildlife and its people as part of your trip. We offer our anglers visits to Indian villages, spotlighting excursions, jungle hikes, shore lunches, kayak fishing - even educational seminars about this unique wilderness and its amazing aquatic biodiversity.

10. Put simply - We offer the best value in the Amazon - Not only are our prices significantly lower than almost any other comparable Amazon trip, but we deliver much, much more. With no layers of commission or silly marketing frills, we are able to provide a productive, polished and supremely comfortable trip with top-quality service, support, food, drink and gear every step of the way ... at a price that even some of the crudest operations can't match and thousands of dollars below any competitor even approaching our quality.

We think booking your Amazon peacock bass trip with us is a no-brainer, but you don't have to take our word for it. Read our angler's testimonials and commentaries, contact our references directly and call us any time with any questions. Do your homework and check out the competition. We're sure the facts will lead you right back to us. Thanks for your interest - we hope to fish with you soon!


Let Acute Angling take you on the fishing trip of a lifetime!