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Trophy Peacocks in Amazon Headwaters

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daily laundry services
Daily laundry service is offered so you can pack light for your peacock bass fishing trip.

Pack Light. Floatplane access demands it, of course, and we make it easy with daily laundry service. Three changes of clothing is more than enough to ensure your comfort during a week of fishing. Save precious cargo space for your special lure or that new reel you just have to try out.

Attend after dinner lectures and learn the basic facts about the Amazon, how it came to be and the nature of its wildlife. For those anglers interested in in-depth analysis of the remarkable peacock bass, scientific seminars detailing its life history and behavior are available.

After dinner seminars on peacock bass science
After dinner seminars on peacock bass and other Amazon species and wildlife.

There's lots more - Here are some other camp features;

  • Open Bar with cocktails, caipirinha, ice cold beer, wine and domestic liquors.
  • Daily housekeeping service in your cabin, with fresh towels and linens.
  • Fishing guidance. Our guides and hosts have decades of peacock bass fishing experience. They are familiar with both fly and conventional tackle and they are pleased to help you learn how to hook and land the monster peacock bass of your dreams.
  • Two 110 VAC diesel generators (40 kw MWM and 20 kw back-up) and one secondary gasoline generator, to ensure that camp systems function at all times.
  • Ice - using pure bottled water only.
  • Two freezers and a refrigerator keep food fresh and drinks cold.

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