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Floating Bungalow Camp

Trophy Peacocks in Amazon Headwaters

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Boats and Guides 

Because our floating bungalow camp goes where other types of operation can't go, we need gear that can handle just about anything. Our new, welded aluminum boats were designed and built specifically for this purpose. They navigate efficiently in headwaters streams and placid lowlands backwaters while providing a stable fishing platform.  Their shallow draft, sleek beam and guide liftable motors let us get over, under and into the smallest, tightest lagoon entries to waters no one else can access.  Back-saving seats and a combination V-bow with flat stern gives us total flexibility for any kind of water.

Our Floating Bungalow Operation employs highly-trained, experienced professional fishing guides, born and raised in the Amazon basin.  They have years of experience in headwaters fishing and all have spent time training and working with our Blackwater Explorer staff.  Using specialized boats, motors and gear to get into hidden upriver waters, they are dedicated to helping you find that giant trophy peacock bass.


Our Bungalow Guides — From Left; Carlos, Manel, Raimundo, Brahma 

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