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Peacock Bass Fishing Floating Bungalow Camp
Peacock Bass Fishing Floating Bungalow Camp (Click to Enlarge)

All of our floating bungalow cabins are individually air-conditioned. They also have wide, openable windows if you prefer cool night breezes. Either way, they provide a comfortable angler's retreat. Full sized twin beds ensure a great night's sleep for even the tallest anglers. Convenient storage space at your headboard lets you keep your book, reading light, water bottle, etc. close at hand. Iindividual 110VAC outlets provide charging for all of your devices.

Each floating bungalow has its own set of complete facilities. A separate, private shower stall, complete with electrical, on-demand hot water ensures that the full-sized bathroom is always available. Pump driven, on-demand water systems enable sinks, toilets and showers to operate with a constant fresh water supply. We keep all effluent in an enclosed septic system, to keep our environment clean and keep you comfortable.

Peacock Bass Fishing Floating Bungalow Camp Facilities
Peacock Bass Fishing Floating Bungalow Camp Facilities (Click to Enlarge)
Floating Bungalow Private Bathroom
Floating Bungalow Private Bathroom
  • Comfortable twin size beds - 2 per unit
  • Fully ventilated walls
  • Interior curtains and vinyl walls and ceiling
  • Standard pressurized water
  • Heavy duty aluminum outside roof, walls and shutters
  • 3" ceiling insulation
  • Fully air-conditioned cabins
  • Steel frame structure
  • Air conditioning (low noise)
  • Eco-friendly holding tank
  • Fully welded, carpeted aluminum floor
Floating Bungalow Hot Shower
Floating Bungalow Hot Shower

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