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Floating Bungalow Camp

Trophy Peacocks in Amazon Headwaters

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Camp Specifications

Camp Type Unit Dimensions Propulsion Draft Max. # of Anglers Mobility Generators Dining Room
Aluminum Hulled Floating Bungalows 3 meters (10 feet)
by 5 m (15 feet)
Powered towboat less than one foot 8 Anglers up to 35 miles/day Main MWM 40Kwa
Back-up 20 Kwa

Built to go where others can't —Acute Angling’s new floating bungalow camp is one of the most versatile tools in our arsenal of peacock bass access techniques. Our mission, somewhat like Star Trek's Enterprise is "to go where no one has ever gone before". Of course, we don't have the entire universe to wander, but we've created the means to access the most remote places remaining on this planet. Needing only a foot of water to navigate, our floating bungalow camp can find its way to the farthest reaches of untouched, pristine, floodplain fisheries. Where big yachts can't go and where fixed operations won't serve the purpose, our floating bungalow camp provides the perfect blend of mobility and infrastructure to ensure that we can provide the ultimate fishing experience with a surprising degree of comfort and total security.

  1. Air-conditioned, insulated floating bungalows. Each unit has big wide windows and fans. You choose your own personal comfort zone - enjoy fresh, cool evening air or chill out with your individually controlled air conditioner.
  2. Private bathrooms w/sink, toilet and fan. Separate, hot shower stall in each cabin.
  3. 110 VAC outlets at each bed. Charge your electronics as needed.
  4. Roomy (10' x 15') cabins with room to relax and plenty of storage space.
  5. Two meter high ceilings. No ducking necessary for six-footers.
  6. Unique, motorized dining boat. Breezy and comfortable. Enjoy great meals in a waterfront ambiance..
  7. Camps may move (when appropriate) while you’re out fishing to enable exploration, optimization of conditions or access to new waters.
  8. Bungalows are parked, whenever possible, on beautiful, white sand beaches when you return. Enjoy a barefoot beach holiday
  9. Extremely shallow draft - a foot of water is all we need. Allows access to otherwise inaccessible headwaters areas.
  10. Smoke-free cabins and indoor areas.
  11. Open bar, appetizers and snacks available at all times.
  12. Wide-screen seminar and meeting space. Learn, share, compare and get more out of your experience.

We are the most knowledgeable and adventurous operation in the Amazon. Come and explore with us.

Let Acute Angling take you on the fishing trip of a lifetime!